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I don’t think I’ve had enough coffee yet today because I can’t figure out how Rider Swap might help my husband and I both ride Avatar in November. DS9 and DD6 will be able to ride but one of us will have to hang back with DS2. Can I just book FPs for my husband and two older kids - and then get a rider swap so that I can later ride with the big kids? Or do I need to get a FP for myself too?

Only the first group need FPs, but you need to get the rider swap added to the kids’ bands as well as yours so you can all ride the second time.


Perfect. Thanks! We haven’t been since 2017 and, at that time, they handed us paper rider switch tickets. Do you know if I can now just add the rider swap to our bands on the Disney app when I make FPs?

The CM at the ride entrance will add it.

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If you haven’t done it since they went digital, here’s how it works:
Go to the CM at the entrance to the line just like you did with the paper rider swap. Tell them your want to do a rider swap. They’ll usually ask if you’re riding standby or FPP in order to set your swap return time. Then they’ll ask who is in the 2nd group to ride. Up to 3 people are allowed, so your kids can ride twice just like they did with the old system.