Rider Swap and Fast Passes at Disneyland

Are there some rides where I will have to wait in line the entire time with a child who is too small to ride? And then get a swap pass where passengers are loaded (ie: space mountain)? I’ve reading varying accounts and want to clarify. Am I able to get a swap pass at the beginning of the lines instead? Does the cast member need to see the other adult/child in order to give me a swap pass? Can swap passes be combined with fast passes? For instance, if I have a fast pass, can I ask for a swap pass upon entering the fast pass queue or will they only give a swap pass at the standby line? Lastly, do swap passes cover the adult plus one other person, or two other people. Thank you so much for your feedback! We’re hitting Disneyland next week with 4 kids and two are too small to do many of the attractions.

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It’s been awhile since we needed swap passes but this is my recollection:

  • you can combine FPs and Rider Swaps
  • where you get the Rider Swap can vary. My recollection is that with some (like SM) you swap in the loading area for the ride, others (like IJ) you ask the CMs for it at the beginning as you enter the ride. My advice is to ask a CM as you enter the ride. They can answer the question specific to that ride.
  • I think the rider swap says 1 adult and child, but they will accommodate 2 children if that works better for your party.
  • I don’t recall whether they need to see the small child.
    Hopefully, someone else can fill in the gaps in my response. Good luck! You’ll have a great trip.

I have an additional question. I have heard that the ride swap includes pregnant mothers. I.e.; My wife is pregnant and if there are rides that she can not go on can we get a ride swap for her? If not, is there something else that accommodates her not being able to go on a ride and having to wait in line?