Ride Swap - explain please

Can somebody explain how this works? Does one adult go in while the others wait outside? Does the 2nd adult then have to wait again online or do they get to skip the line? Does everyone wait on line together?


You all show up at the entrance to the ride with the person who is unable (the cast member needs to see the person who can’t ride). The person who will be riding first gets a lanyard and the remainder of the party goes and does something else. The person in line with said lanyard (or card of some sort) will eventually trade that lanyard in for a paper pass that allows a couple of riders to ride at any time the rest of the day using the FastPass line. It’s not actually the rest of the day, it’s usually until the end of the month.

Only one of you waits in the long line, the person coming back later skips the line. The person returning can bring one or two additional people with them, so in many families an older child gets to ride multiple times.

Also, you can mix FastPasses with Rider Swap - only one adult needs a FastPass. Get a rider swap lanyard, get in the FastPass line, then the returning party will also use the FastPass line. Well, let me clarify, you might need more than one FastPass if you have more than one person in your party riding the first time through.

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