Ride seating with Family of 5

We are a family of 5, DS8, DS5, DD2 (turning 2 on trip). What rides, that the two year old can go on, will it be a problem for each kid to sit with a parent? For example, can you ride on Dumbo with 1 parent and two kids? DS8 is the least independent of my children, and the most apprehensive about riding any new ride, so having him sit alone is not likely to go over very well. Any rides where each row/seat only holds two?

This happened on our last trip in the Barnstormer. A cast member actually rode with our oldest so he wouldn’t have to ride alone.

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That’s so nice to hear - glad that the CM did that for him. I was thinking that we wouldn’t need to worry about Barnstormer because we are doing rider swap, but if both boys want to ride twice, one might have to volunteer to ride alone!

If your children are small you should not have a problem on any rides with bench style seating. My husband or I rode with two kids on Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Dumbo, Buzz Light year, Tea Cups, Pooh, and Small World MK. none of the coaster would have allowed this but our DD2 was too small so we did child swap. We put our DD9 in a separate row and this wasn’t a problem but she loves coasters. I sometimes asked someone to switch so that she was directly in front of me instead of behind me and also once asked that no one ride next to her.
At HS TSMM allowed me to ride with DD2 and DS7 in the same car, we just were short one gun. At EPCOT Figment allowed 3 and test track is 3 across anyways. AK should only be a problem with EE but your youngest probably can’t ride anyway the others will all allow 3 to ride together

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Another option for rides with only 2 seats is to have your boys sit together and put an adult alone. I know officially anyone under 7 needs someone over 14, but this isn’t always enforced on the smaller rides. My 5 and 8 year old boys definitely rode Barnstormer by themselves when my husband refused to get on for a 3rd time :smile:

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I saw three adult men sit in the same row on BTMR . So im sure they can accommodate one adult and two children. Space Mountain would be good because 3 people can sit in one ride vechicle.