Ride’s Best Seats

Hey everyone, I thought this would be helpful for us to reference when going on Universal Studios or Island of Adventure rides. I know ideally any seat you sit on should have you see everything, but let’s be honest, it isn’t true. Some rides, I’ve only gone on once, so if anyone can help with that, it would be great. Also, feel free to add anything you like!

These I’ve ridden many times in different rows and stuff, and in my opinion these were the best spots:

Jurassic Park—any spot was good. I prefer the third row, but literally any were good.

Gringotts—first or second row of the first car. After sitting in the second card, I found I missed seeing stuff.

Buckbeak ride—first or last row

ET—first row

Simpsons—second row (my motion sickness didn’t hit as much when I sat here, when I rode in the front on a second trip, I was out for a few hours).

I found for the roller coasters, the front to be the best.

On the Mummy ever since the very first time of riding in the front, I only rode in the front seat for that ride. However, on my last time riding the Mummy, I was put near the back, and saw a lot more that you miss from being in the front: the fire on the ceiling and sides, things that popped out, etc. Anyone experience the same thing?

Kong and Fast and the Furious I only experienced once. Can anyone help as to where the best place to sit is? For both rides, I sat in middle rows, in the middle seat.

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For Forbidden Journey we found that the third and fourth seat in the ride vehicle (furthest from the front) gave better views, especially of the dragon.


Good to know!

I have only been seated in the back on Kong, and I feel like there was a lot that I couldn’t quite see. However, I think sitting on the outside is maybe more critical. The ride is screens all around and over the “bus”…so in the middle you would have a limited view (like going on a cross-country car ride).

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For Kong, we did it twice, different sides and vehicles each time. There is so much happening you can’t see it all, so having the different perspectives each time was nice. Can’t say one was better than the other…just different. My least favorite part is the giant Kong head at the end. (Feels fake to me.) But if you want to see if up close, ride on the right side.

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I have done Kong three or four times. The first time I was at the end of a row. This means you have an unobstructed view of the screens — but only on one side. You have such an obstructed view of the other side that I wasn’t really aware that it was there. The second time I rode it, I made a point of being in the middle and the overall experience was far better. You are much more aware of both sides and I felt much more immersed in the horrifying action.

Agreed. They’d be better off ditching it altogether. It just doesn’t work with the rest of the ride.