Ride recommendations... Love fast and drops but hate spinning and upside down

Looking for ride recommendations please … I get motion sickness quite easily and can’t stand rides that are spinny or turn me upside down but I am fine with heights, going fast and drops etc

Thanks x

Oh! You can do all my favorites! Tower of Terror, RnR, EE, Space, Big Thinder!

My husband said he thought RnR went upside down ?
And he said space mountain goings round and round a lot too?
Do the ones you’ve mentioned go backwards much ?

Well, technically RnR goes upside down- but it goes so fast. - you cannot tell. Everest goes backwards down a slope and then up- it is part of the story- so cool! It is really just backing you up to go forward in another direction.

Yes, RnR goes upside down. I was terrified to go upside down, but I loved it! If you think you can manage, try it! For fast and drops I would recommend EE and Space - the right side!

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Based on your description, I think that the only rides you should avoid are the teacups and MIssion Space Orange. RNRC does go upside down, but because of the G-force you don’t have a hanging upside down feeling. For the most part, the WDW “thrill” rides are kiddie rides in comparison to rides at the other big parks.

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If you brave RnR and Everest, avoid the back of the train. I find the g-force on both of those rides pretty intense (remember, that means a force equal to your own body weight is bearing down on you in some direction). I once rode Everest, near the back of the train, and it basically ruined the next 2 hours of my day. Next time, I rode in the middle and felt no ill effects.

DM and I are EXTREMELY prone to motion sickness. We avoid a lot of the spinning rides as well as motion simulators and 3D movies.

As @PrincipalTinker said, RnR really isn’t that bad. We still go one it and we are fine after.

Best way to be sure is to go to your doctor prior to your trip and ask for a prescribed motion sickness patch. DM does the patch and I do the pill. The pill can cause drowsiness which is why DM does not take it.

Make sure you eat breakfast! Those are my tips!

I am also prone to motion sickness. I always take the less drowsy Dramamine. It hasn’t made me too sleepy. The only rides that give me trouble are the teacups, Mission Space Orange, Expedition Everest, and Primeval Whirl. RnR is fine for me once… but I got sick when I did RnR, TT, and RnR again within an hour. Eating breakfast does help!

I recommend Bonine over Dramamine, myself.

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Thanks for the tips - appreciate it

I’m fm the UK so not familiar with those drugs but good idea to speak to doctor