Ride Photos

We are missing our ride photos from SDD - does anyone know if there is a chance that they are out there but just not linked to our account? And if so, what number do I call to inquire about them?

When were the pictures taken? We had a few ride photos that took a couple of days to turn up in MDE on our last trip. They all eventually turned up, except for one ride on Expedition Everest where we got someone else’s photo!

They were taken Tuesday morning. Our RNRC photo just came up this morning (it was taken on Tuesday morning as well). Just didn’t know how long I should wait before trying to track it down (it that is even possible). I’m not a patient person lol

The SDD camera doesn’t always work. You can try to submit the inquiry on the PhotoPass section of the website - they ask for when you were there, what you were wearing, etc. But don’t get your hopes up on that one. I did the same and got back that the camera was malfunctioning,

Thanks, I will submit the inquiry and keep my fingers crossed!

We have a friend who was a DLR CM last year and one of her jobs was to screen ride photos as they were taken. If anyone in that frame was doing anything inappropriate, she deleted the photo before it became available to the guests. The mind boggles with the images she must have seen! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@FindMeAFishingSpot at least they got back to you. I never even got a response or a picture. This was over labor day weekend.

Yup, that’s when we were there too

I think they can also blur part of the photo. We had one from Expedition Everest where the guy sitting in front of us must have been making an inappropriate hand gesture because his hands were blurred out. We still got the photo but couldn’t really use it because of the nitwit in front.

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We never got our SDD photo. I was disappointed as it was the only ride we’d queued a long time for.

I just got an email from Disney that they found our SDD photos and added them to our account!!! I’m beyond happy!

That’s great news! I do appreciate that they make the effort to look. While I didn’t have luck with my SDD ride photos, they did send me back DS’s hat which fell off on Kali River Rapids - they had closed the case and it turned up a month later. And we very much appreciated it!