Ride Photos (redux)

I have a different question about ride photos (since there was just another thread about ride photos).

In looking at costs, I realized that I’d prefer to not have to buy magic bands, despite the appeal of them. At $15 a pop, that’s an extra $75.

But if we have Memory Maker, how does that work? Do you have to go to the photo booth at the ride exit and have them manually add the photos to your account? We wouldn’t have the Magic Bands to automatically detect it.

you would definitely need to hit the touch point under your ride photo at the conclusion of any ride where you had an onride photo taken.

In addition, in any case where there’s no touch point but an auto-load (such as the video from 7DMT), you will be unable to retrieve it.

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Okay. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure it was still possible. Videos are not so important. (Truth is, we wouldn’t pay for MM for this trip, but since it is going to be included with my AP, we might as well take advantage of it!)

Offsite stay, first AP Activation?

Because if you’ll be using your AP ahead of this trip, you’ll be receiving a MB as a perk of having your AP.

Ah. Well, that’s good for me, I guess, then! As long as we’re riding together.

The plan is that I’ll buy the Annual Pass for our May 2020 trip (offsite stay) which will get me in, plus cover parking. MM is a bonus. Then, in December 2020, I will use the AP again for getting me into the parks, plus cover MM (which we would want for this trip). The December 2020 trip will be on site, so we’ll have MBs.

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yeah, so, once you’ve activated your AP, you’ll be able to have your AP MB customized and shipped in your MDE profile. Unfortunately, sounds like your trips are in the wrong order for that to be helpful.

Ah, well. Guess I’ll have a spare MB lying around then ahead of our December trip! I could be all fancy like and wear one on each arm. That way I don’t have to reach across my own body to scan my band depending on the direction I approach the tapstyle. I mean. It is SO much work, after all! :wink:

You could consider 1 MB for the group, so “just” $15. Takes care of your RFID needs.

I mean, you could call Disney and see if they will activate it early or if there’s any way you can get your AP magic band for the first trip. Worst that can happen is that you’ll be in your current circumstance.

True. (I’m kind of surprised they don’t offer you a MB when you activate it on site.)

Maybe. I’m the ultimate cheapskate, though. I’ve lived without MBs on all my previous Disney trips. I know I can live without it this time. It was just the ride photos I was unsure about.

(Actually, not having MBs this trip will make the use of the MBs for our December Anniversary trip all the more special!)

TBH… I don’t know, for off-siters. I have had an AP exactly once in my life, and I was staying on-site when I activated it, so I already had a MB.

You can always ask; it can’t hurt.

Okay. So I went a-searching and found an FAQ on WDW’s website that confirms you CANNOT get your MB any other way but in the mail after you activate it AT THE PARK. So, no MB for this trip!


Okay. I’m over it. :wink:

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