Ride noise levels

Our dd4 is very sensitive to loud noises (the vacuum, garbage disposal, etc.) And previously (prior to her current medication) noises would trigger her seizures. We were considering bringing ear protection to give her comfort on loud rides so she could enjoy then without having to cover her ears the whole time. Not to mention the first time we go on a ride that is “too loud” I am afraid she will be scared to go on ANY others and that would be a huge disappointment. Do people bring ear protection? What kind of protection do they use? On what rides?

We have used ear protection in the past. If this is an issue, I would start with the slower, indoor rides where having the ear covers would not be an issue to get use to it. In general, indoor rides and activities are where we needed them the most. We purchased construction grade ear protection. They look like over the ear headphones. They work great. We also have used the fleece ear warmers people use in the winter for general noise in the parks. For us it made a huge difference when my child was younger. In fact we were using them around the age of your daughter. I don’t know if the ear protection you find at a home improvement retailer would be small enough, but I know that you can purchase them for kids. I have seen lots of kids at the parks wearing them, in fun colors. I just looked on Amazon and found lots of them under “ear protection for kids”. If you have not used any ear covers for her, I would suggest having a few different kinds so that she can change them up depending on how she feels. We did this quite a bit.

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This official Attraction Details for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities guide details each attraction at all four parks, including:

  • Scents/Smells
  • Flashing Lights
  • Loud Noises
  • Periods of Darkness
  • Bumps
  • Fast
  • Lifts Off Ground
  • Wet
  • Element of Surprise
  • Type of Restraint
  • Amount of Time
  • FastPass+

My autistic son used drummer’s headphones at shows, fireworks, and parades. Didn’t seem to need them on the rides, but if noise sensitivity is an issue, I’d bring them and use them. Very few rides should pose a problem in terms of “loose articles” - figure if glasses will stay on, so will tight-fitting headphones or similar ear protection.

Super helpful. Thanks