Ride intensity - Mission: Space Orange

The boyfriend and I are traveling to WDW in Sept. and I’m a little worried about the Orange Team Mission:Space for him. He will occasionally get motion sick after some high-intensity thrill rides (big coasters at six flags), but just how intense is the orange team? I really want to ride that version! He seems to do ok with rides like Soarin’, is it that much more intense of movement? Would dramamine help or is it just too much?

Thanks for your feedback!

It’s basically a centrifuge. Crazy fast spinning to simulate the feeling of weightlessness. Lots of G force applied to the body. I won’t try it haha

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It’s very intense. If he gets motion sick at all, I’d skip it. Maybe you can ride Orange while he does Green?

Skip it! Green is fine but orange made me very sick feeling, and I usually don’t get motion sick.

Agreed. Not for your bf. It is intense.

I am someone who loves thrill rides, so I thought that I would love the orange side - I have now done both and didn’t really find them to be significantly different or particularly thrilling. You can do the green together and you will really not be missing out on much excitement, imho.

Orange is a low-G centrifuge; it creates pretty realistic sensations of the acceleration of a rocket launch, and when it slows back down, a “kinda” feeling of weightlessness.It’s probably the best use of technology in a ride in WDW. That being said, it does use spinning to create these illusions, and if someone is sensitive to spinning, it CAN induce motion sickness. I am lucky in that I have never been motion sick in my life (including flying in the back of jet fighters doing ACM and riding the 8-G training centrifuge, so it’s pretty much a walk in the park for me. But not for everyone. Have him try AO and the teacups first. If he’s OK on those, he may do OK on MS:Orange. If he has ANY ill effects from either of those, AVOID it.For the record, I find MS:Orange much more fun after a couple of LaCava margaritas…


Not sure whether M:S Orange is too much spinning or not, but as a general tip, I find Dramamine to not work particularly well for significant motion. I prefer its stronger cousin Bonine - 1 tablet with breakfast and I don’t worry about general motion issues involved with most WDW rides.

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This thread has so many differing opinions… I don’t have problems with motion sickness but now I want to ride Green and Orange for comparison. For SCIENCE!

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Thank you everyone for your feedback, I appreciate it! It looks like he’ll be skipping it, but as @jenphalian said, I’ll be riding both for science :smile:

@Kevin_Krom, I’m not familiar with Bonine, can you get it anywhere or only pharmacies?

Thanks again!

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Bonine is OTC, you’ll often find it near Dramamine in stores.

It’s also what they give you on cruise ships if you complain of seasickness. (How I was introduced to it in the first place.)

As others have indicated, M:S Orange is a centrifuge, so the motion is completely different from a big coaster. Different people are affected in different ways, so he may be totally fine on it. For example, I am totally OK with big coasters, but have problems with simulator rides because the visual “motion” is not in sync with the actual motion of the vehicle - I got off the old Body Wars ride totally green, and most other simulators can leave me a little wobbly. I didn’t have too much of a problem with M:S Orange.

There is only one way to find out - drag him on it (and give him a barf bag, just in case).

Ok, now I know what I did wrong! Actually, I have wondered whether the ride was functioning properly when I went on since I did not notice a difference between orange and green. I may need to give it another try.

He’s actually wanting to ride it even knowing he might need a barf bag! I’m just concerned it will ruin the rest of the day if it does make him sick, so maybe I’ll time it to be the last ride of the day.

If he does get sick, you could always go over to Ellen for 45min of sitting still in air conditioning to recover.

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Thanks from my future self (since I don’t have a trip planned at this time) for all the descriptive answers on the difference between Green and Orange.

I went on Green with my son a few times last year and we loved it. I thought, how much worse can Orange be? But we never had a chance to go for it.

You could strap me to the fuselage of a 747 and my constitution would be fine, but if you spin the teacups too much I go crosseyed. The two descriptions that call Orange a centrifuge will keep me from this…

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I didn’t get sick and was fine after the ride, however I felt like I was going to pass out during the ride - intense pressure around my chest and neck and I felt like I couldn’t breath. I never have motion sickness and I ride everything. Not sure I want to do this again though.

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However, it is far different from the teacups. Have you ever been on one of those carney rides that is sort of a spinning barrel where you end up pushed against the wall and then they drop the floor and you don’t slide down? That’s more like the M:S Orange effect, not the crazy spinning vomit-fest that the teacups are.

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That’s exactly how DW felt when riding it - no motion sickness, but the same effects from the pressure.

Ugh. Me. no. spin. please.