Ride hints, tips or hacks!

Reading trip reports, I’ve learned about some lesser known ride tips or hacks. For example:

  • Section B1 is the best for Soarin
  • To get more points on TSMM – hit the rat in the first room on the farm, hit the squiggly balloons in the volcano room with the dinosaurs, in the room with Buzz, get all the aliens in the center and it will release a monster whose mouth is worth points
  • There is something called Chewbacca mode on MFSR (I had to google this one to understand it)

So, what other hints, hacks, tips or tricks do you know?


BTMRR is much better in the back.


I think I’ve read one of the teacups spins much faster than the others. I think it might be the green one.


MFSR: I love Chewbacca mode and turn it on every chance I get!

Buzz Lightyear:
In the first room -
–Hit the inside of the left hand of the first robot on the left. This one is hard to get.
–The big robot on the right (GIGANTOBOT on its chest) has a claw for his right hand. It is up really high. About halfway through the room you can start hitting the hand. Keep hitting it as you leave the room (spinning your ship backwards).
In the second room:
–Hit the Z at the top of the volcano.
In the third room:
–Hit the bottom of Zurg’s ship on the right.
In the fourth room:
–It is hard to see in the dark, but there is a spot at the top left of the door where the ship will always fly into. Aim for that spot. You can see it has a shimmer that is different than the rest of the walls.

Overall tip: If there is a single rider line. Use it.


On Prince Charming’s carousel in MK, ride Cinderella’s horse: Ride Cinderella's Personal Horse on Prince Charming Regal Carrousel! - MickeyBlog.com


Not on Rock n Roller Coaster, it’s not unusual for that to take as long or longer than standby.

  • The entry for the Haunted Mansion ride is underneath the girl with parasol in the stretching room. Head to that side to avoid some of the crush to get to the ride.
  • In Guardians, the ride entry is on the right side. Head that way to avoid the crush to the get to the ride.

The single Rider line can be an advantage if you know when to use it.

When we went in Jan and Feb this year, it worked out perfectly for RnR. We walked up to the entrance and saw that the single rider line had nobody in it. We walked past people that were projected to wait 100 minutes and were on the ride within 20 minutes max.

If you walk up to the entrance and see the single rider line snaking outside of the building, down the ramp and almost all the way back to the main entrance, then that would be a time that it would not help you save any time at all.

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When entering attractions like Muppets and Fantasmic, do not rush to be the first in the doors when they open. Allow others to rush in and then find a row where you estimate about half the rows-worth of people have started filing in. This will allow you to be center of the row…as cast members will be asking everyone to proceed to the end of the row and to not stop halfway down the row.


The single rider line in Millennium is particularly great. You skip the preshow, which.has a special thing (if it’s working) so I wouldn’t do it the first time.

When you go to the single rider area, there are actually two sets of stairs - one on the right which you see when heading to the area, but there’s also one on the left which is practically behind you - use that one as most people miss it.


If you like posing for ride pics like I do…

RnRR-Right at the launch
PotC-The skull above you(you’ll notice the flash for boats in front of you)
HM-The Medusa portrait(the lightning strike is the flash)
Splash-On the drop :weary:
7DMT-Right after the “heigh ho” lift hill
Buzz-no idea, too busy trying not to lose to Jr
ToT-First drop
Space Mountain-Beginning after the first turn
Dinosaur-First Carnotaur attack
EE-drop after disco yeti
Frozen-the drop after Marshmallow


MF:SM for Single Rider - there are two entrances. Go Left. Its completely counterintuitive - anytime we have, there has been no line.


This is my husband’s favorite thing to do and and usually asks me where the cameras are, so thank you!


Top row on ToT and last seat on EE are a different ride altogether. They are very fast.


The top row is faster than the rest of the car??

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Yep. The drops are mad scary.

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Disagree, I think the drops are scarier in the front row knowing you’re so close to the edge. But since the drops are random, it’s hard to say if any one ride would have been scarier sitting elsewhere. I do always feel safer in the back row though. I like front row better for photos.


Also, if you have little ones (my kids are 6 and 4 and find this room to be the scariest). You can ask a cast member to skip the stretching room. They will take you through a different door in the stretching room to rejoin the cue at the loading area.

The first time I rode ToT alone and was seated in the first row, I was terrified. There was no one in my row (a few months after the park opened after Covid.)
It felt like I was the only person the the ride. It was so creepy. I was also alone when I rode in the top row for the first time. The drops are definitely faster. They don’t call it Tower of Terror for nothing. I was legitimately terror-fied. :laughing: Couldn’t get out of that building fast enough.


I’m always disappointed to be in the back row, it never seems as good a ride to me as being up front. That does sound creepy!

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