Ride Descriptions

Hello everyone!
I am starting the planning process for Fast Pass selection, but have one question. Does anyone have/ know of a link that describes each ride that is easily printable? My Mother-In-Law is coming for the first time and doesn’t know any of the rides. I would like to let her read and pick her must do’s. Our descriptions haven’t helped her much.

Thank you!

Are you able to provide her with youtube to watch? That was the best way I could “describe” rides to my kids when they were little

If you can’t do the YouTube thing, go to touringplans.com, select your park, scroll to the bottom, and click “Attractions” A list of all attractions will appear with a (VERY!) brief description of each ride as well as how it is rated by various age groups. Like this:


I think the Unofficial Guide has descriptions too, if you wanted to gift her with a copy. A less overwhelming option for someone like her might be Birnbaums.

Thank you!

I can’t help but think that if your personal descriptions of rides you’ve been on are not helping, then a 2 or 3 sentence generic description from a book would either. But I agree that the ratings by age group might be a useful tool.

Just saying there is a printed copy of the unofficial guide to walt disney world you can get from a bookstore or amazon. And its already orinted for you. Or maybe the color jids one. Never checked it out.

Ride videos helped a lot when I was trying to explain rides to my husband

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