Ride closures & TPs

Will my Touring Plans eventually delete closed attractions, or should I manually remove them?

I’m assuming Club Disney & the Anna & Elsa ride will not be available for our May 1st trip…

The touring plan will eventually cancel them out. Last year, we had BTMR scheduled, unaware that it was scheduled for refurb. A point came where the TP software was updated with the info, an alert flagged it. We still had to manually delete it, it doesn’t just disappear automatically. Same thing happened this year with Dream Along w/ Mickey.


I guess I should just delete them now. I was holding on to hope that the attractions were still in my Touring Plan because they could be a possibilty! :frowning:

When you try to optimize, it creates a conflict and says the attraction is no longer available. The problem I have is they are starting to add new things that I have to remember to add into the touring plans.

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