Ride Capacity Unexpectedly Offline

We went to WDW in August and I was a little disheartened by how often the rides went offline. Which was in part from the lightening - Florida in late August after all - and general ride just stops mid-ride for a few seconds.

Out of curiosity, I checked the Crowd Levels today for our August dates (8/20 - 8/25) as it seemed so much more crowded than a 3 or 5 should be. I’d never seen the ride capacity statement before - our last trip was 2015.

Can someone explain how the x% of ride capacity of Walt Disney World was unexpectedly offline. This may impact our measurement of ‘actual’ crowds. works? Does this simply mean all the people who would have been riding 7DMT are now somewhere else in the park and it throws off wait times? Or how does it affect the crowd levels?

I’m really curious and appreciate any insight. Thanks.

Crowd levels are actually a measure of wait times between 11-5. So if 7DMT is down, as you say all those people who would have been in that line are in line for other rides. So maybe Small World has a 30 min wait instead of a 20 min one, which might indicate a CL5 when it would otherwise have been a CL4.

Certainly if a large percentage of rides were down, that would makes waits longer on all the remaining rides which could be quite significant.

Often, many rides, will stop for a few minutes to allow people with mobility issues to load/unload an attraction.