Reworking HS Plans

Debating on switching up a couple of our days to take advantage of EMM in TSL. If we did, we would be in HS early for TSM, leave for an early break and come back later that evening for dinner and F!. It looks as if switching to this day may cause us to lose us our chance to eat dinner at Sci-Fi (I’ve set up a res finder but currently there is nothing available at all on this day) and am trying to think of alternative options. We have eaten at 50s PT, H&V and HBD so I was thinking of perhaps a dining option at one of the Epcot resorts? How is Cape May Café for dinner? If this is a good option, how much time should I allocate for the reservation AND travel time to get back to HS? If we have a 5:10 ADR is it reasonable to expect to be in the park again by 7? Or not until 7:30?

Cape May is a buffet without characters so an hour for the meal should be enough. It does have a pretty strong seafood smell, just making sure you are aware.

With the construction I think you would need to take the boat to/from YC. You may decide to get off at Swan/Dolphin and walk from there. I would plan 45 minutes each way but expect it could be quicker.