Revised ADR list. :)

So after some tweaking, I think I’ve settled on this list for my ADRs for Feb. I’m on the DxDP, but am really not stressing “breaking even” or “sticking it to them” since even Deluxe makes the vacation less than my original plan of a cruise. :slight_smile: The remaining plan meals will be QS somewhere, and I will supplement with snacks - I’ll be fine this way! (Solo adult trip - yes, I love the characters)

2/18 - 4:45 Garden Grill* with the Disney on Broadway Concert Series package

2/19 - 7:30 Boma breakfast; dinner will be food with the Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP tour (from Satuli*)

2/20 - 11:15 The Boathouse* lunch; 8:30 La Hacienda* dinner

2/21 - 9:40 - Crystal Palace late breakfast; 4:40 Skipper Canteen* late lunch/early dinner

2/22 - 7:35 Cape May breakfast; 12:50 Tiffins* lunch; probably Bongos Express* for a late dinner

2/23 - 7:40 'Ohana breakfast; 1:50 Be Our Guest lunch

  • = new to me

I am debating changing Skipper’s to Liberty Tree - both are new to me and both look good. I just need to decide if trying really new beats getting “traditional” Thanksgiving-esque dinner with gluten-free stuffing and gravy. But other than that, I think I’m settled.



I just love that this is for a solo adult trip. You’re awesome.

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Thank you!! :smiley:

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This is the deluxe plan?

Yes. But like I said, I am not obsessing about how much each meal would be.

FI understand that but there is no way I would eat at Skippers or anywhere else in MK when I could hop to a monorail restaurant and have a meal at a signature restaurant or a boat ride to Artist Point- never, ever…I think you most likely could change your bongo express to Morimoto or Paddlefish?

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I don’t like the menus at the signatures on the monorail, and have never liked Artist Point (been there twice because my dad likes it). Being gluten-free my choices there are limited. (And eliminates Morimoto - multiple reports of them being super unfriendly towards gluten-free needs.)

And I like Cuban food and love Bongo’s sister restaurants in Miami Beach and Miami.

The menus on the monorail change every few months. Is there a report somewhere on the forum from @mALYficent? She has posted about her GF meals.

Will you be opting out of the appetizers and desserts that come with deluxe? IHave you tried the TP dining calculator? I know you are not worried about coming up short and I haven’t counted credits but it seems like you are way off - add 2 snacks a day and it is extreme. I loved the deluxe plan when I did it and you will do what is best for you- no chance of a signature in the EP area or Jiko (I am a dog on a bone).

No - I will be getting appetizers and desserts.

For me, I am just happy for the pre-paid but and not having to worry about it other than gratuities - just like on a cruise.

The only thing with the day I have Skipper’s is that is my only night for the MK fireworks. Even if I liked the menu options, there is nothing that would allow me to see them and not eat ridiculously late (like 9:30pm).

I pondered Jiko on the 22nd, but that felt like a LOT after Tiffins that day.

The day I have La Hacienda, the only option would be Le Cellier. And while I would be inside at La Hacienda during Illuminations at least there are windows there. Le Cellier timing would have me firmly inside.

Chef’s is not available or does the menu not work for you?


Ok…I investigated Narcoosee’s and that is workable. And apparently you can go out to the porch to watch fireworks. So done.


Is it Chef’s de France or Monsieur Paul’s that is the two credit? I think I meant MP.

Monsieur Paul’s. Way too fancy and duck-heavy.

Ok, so I changed to Narcoossee’s, but I will be in the MK all day. Should I just take a change of clothes in a backpack since per this site that one is “business casual”?

Anything you wear will be fine but you could just bring a back pack if you want.

Skipper’s Canteen was in my top 3 favorite restaurants in all of WDW. If that sways you at all.

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Ok. Lots of tweaking today! But I think I’m happy with this.

2/18 - 4:45pm Garden Grill dinner

2/19 - 7:30am Boma breakfast

2/20 - 11:15am The BOATHOUSE lunch
8:30pm La Hacienda de San Angel dinner

2/21 - 9:40am Crystal Palace breakfast
5:05pm Narcoosee’s dinner (that early will (or should) allow me to eat and get back to MK for the fireworks and to enjoy evening EMH)

2/22 - 7:35am Cape May Cafe breakfast
1:35pm Tiffins lunch

2/23 - 7:30am 'Ohana breakfast
12:20pm Skipper’s Canteen

That leaves the evening of the 23rd open for me to see what I’m in the mood for - probably either Satu’li or going to Disney Springs for something either counter-service or last-minute reservation. I feel like (other than breakfast which is breakfast) it’s a nice variety. :slight_smile:

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You can get a Cobb salad at the Brown Derby lounge. I am allergic to eggs and don’t like blue cheese. They modified for me. The salad is good in the restaurant as well. Might be a good option in HS.

I like your new plan better. I’d do Jiko on the 23rd if you can. No trip to the World is complete without Jiko :wink:


I’m not wasting time going over there. I only like Tower of Terror and Muppets. Well, and Fantasmic. But it’s too much time hopping just for 3 things. LOL.

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