Review selected park dates in April

Was hoping to get some feedback on the dates we have decided to visit each park. We are DL veterans (3-5 times a year for the past 10+ years), but this is our first WDW trip. We are a family of 4, DH, DD (16), DD (15), and myself. We are staying at POR
Are tentative plans are:
4/21: Arrive around 5:00 PM, Dinner O’hana at 8:30 PM
4/22: AK
4/23: EP
4/24: MK
4/25: Waterpark/Boardwalk
4/26: HS
4/27: Waterpark/DS
4/28: MK
4/29: EP
4/30: Chef Mickey’s 7:00 AM (Don’t have to leave for airport until 2:30 PM)


I like it overall.

A few things:
Do you have Park Hoppers?
Do you have the Waterpark, Fun & More?
Do you plan to take breaks mid day or just go commando all day?
Do you have ADRs for days besides the first & last days?

4/25: Do you have dinner reservations somewhere on the boardwalk area? There isn’t a heck of a lot to do in all honesty. It’s nice for a stroll and certainly a good point in the vacation to take a break from touring. If you have the interest, you can walk to Fantasia Gardens for mini golf.

If you decide that one day at a waterpark is enough, maybe do AK/DS on 4/27.
I only mention that because even though I live 5 minutes from the beach, my max at a beach or waterpark is about 1 hour! Of course I know people who really enjoy staying for 8+ hours. So that’s personal preference.


We do have Park Hoppers with the Water Park and more. I could live my entire life without visiting another Waterpark, but my girls love them. I was hoping to be out of them by 3:00 at the latest or try and squeeze both of them in on one day. I may loose that battle though. We are just planning on staying all day at the parks, but that’s open too. We have survived 4 NYE’s at DL from 8am - 2 am, so we figure we can handle it.

I was just thinking the Boardwalk might be an okay place for DH and I to hang out while the girls went to MK or EP to do their own thing for a while. Completely open to other suggestions for some adult time though. I love my girls, but 9 straight nights in a smallish hotel room without a break is starting to frighten me!

The only other ADR we have are Biergarden on 4/23 (DH’s 50th birthday, so his choice), BOG for lunch on 4/24, Si-Fi for a late lunch on 4/26 and Raglan Road for dinner on 4/27.

One other thing, we’d really like to pick up snacks, breakfast item and some adult beverages. We’re thinking of renting a car just for a day when we first arrive so DH can drive in and pick the stuff up. It looks to be the same price or less than a taxi or UBER without the hassle.

In the past when my family has flown to WDW we rent a car for that day and pick up groceries. We have been able to pick up the car at the airport and then drop it off at the Car Care Center on Disney Property. From there they have a shuttle that will take you anywhere.

One thought - on the last day I would go to MK after breakfast at CM. That and/or doing a tour of the monorail resorts

I would also consider renting a car for the whole time. As you have several WP days, it gives you the option of going outside of the bubble on those evenings for a change of pace (and a much cheaper meal!) On check-out day you can check in to your flight and check your bags using the Resort Airline Check-in Service, drive over to MK for breakfast and touring, and then drive directly to the airport to catch your flight.

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I think this is going to be a great trip. Love that the DDs are old enough to venture out on their own for a while and that you and DH will get some time for yourselves.
I think your approach is a good strategy. You’ve got an outline for each day and have the flexibility to go elsewhere if you’d like.
I’ve never been to DL, but my understanding is that it’s a smallish park. The parks in Florida are huge. So, it seems like you’ve built in time to enjoy each one without running yourselves ragged.

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DL is definitely small compared to WDW! The transportation times alone are just crazy to me. When we go to DL, we stay at a “Good Neighbor” hotel that is a 10-15 minute walk tops to either of the entrance gates. Want to go to DTD, that takes all of 15 min if not staying on property.
We don’t have to worry about driving ourselves crazy with FP+ reservations either. We can make a RideMax plan in the morning on our walk to the parks! Also, being able to go multiple times a year and knowing if we don’t get to something on a trip we will do it when we come back in 3-4 months. This WDW trip is probably going to be our one and only.

Ok- I am going to say it- are you sure you want to be at AK on the 22nd (rumor of RoL opening)?. It may be over the top crazy?

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We have talked about that, and are going to swap that with another day if we have to. It will be interesting to see how the touring plans change if that happens.

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