Review my touring plan for MK NYE please?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’ll post my touring plan for NYE at MK (where I’ll do all day from 7am to 1am), can you please give some advice if you think something is completely wrong? Thanks!
P.s. I did it myself using data from past NYE because I saw that predicted wait times for that day are way off (sometimes even 3/4 times lower than what is then the posted wait time, for example 7DMT predicted with a peak of 95 mins while the actual wait is then 240 or 300 minutes). Anyway it’s understandable since NYE has crowds much much higher than any other day, so I guess data is not reliable.

Anyway, here is the plan:
FPs: 8.55-9.55 7DMT, 9.55-10.55 Space, 10.55-11.55 Splash

[…] is the posted wait at that time on last NYE

- Arrive at the gates at 6.15/6.30
- 7.00am : Peter Pan [5 min]
- 7.10 : It’s a small world [5 min]
- 7.35 : Prince Charming Regal Carrousel [5 min]
- 7.45 : wait for RD Adventureland/Frontierland (from Haunted Mansion side entrance)
- 8.10 : Big Thunder Mountain [10 min]
- 8.40 : Haunted Mansion [20 min]
- 9.15 : Seven Dwarfs Mine Train [FP ~ 20 min]
- 9.45 : Under the Sea [5 min]
- 9.55 : Pete’s silly side show [opens at 10. 5 min wait]
- 10.15 : Space Mountain [FP ~ 20 min]
- Walk to Splash Mountain walking on the right side of the parade route (it starts at 11)
- 11.00 : Splash Mountain [FP ~ 20 min]. Search other FPs. Grab one for Winnie Pooh/Jungle Cruise or Pirates, if available
- 11.40 : Liberty Belle [wait?]
- 12.00pm -> 12.50 : spare time / play Pirate’s Adventure if available (2/3 missions = FP for Pirates of the Caribbean). If not available, do Phillarmagic
- 1.10 -> 2.30 : lunch at Be Our Guest (mobile order)
- 2.30 -> 5.00 : use FPs if you have it, Phillarmagic if not done before, Country Bear Jamboree, hall of presidents and tiki room
- 5.00 -> 6.30 : wait for Fantasy in the Sky in central plaza (on tomorrowland side).
- 6.30 : Fantasy in the Sky
- 7.00 : Carousel of Progress, PeopleMover and eventual FPs
- 8.15 : dinner (Columbia Harbour House? Or on the go)
- 9.30 -> 10.30 : Pirates [25 min] and Jungle Cruise [20 min]
- 10.40 : Haunted Mansion [20 min] or wait for Fireworks in adventureland/frontierland.
- 11.50 : Fireworks
- 12.30am : Buzz Lightyear [5 min]
- 12.40 : Astro Orbiter [5 min]
- 12.55 : Space Mountain

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Looks like you will have a fun day… embrace the crowds!

Just in case this helps you for having people review or sharing with your travel group…
"How do I share my plan with others?
If you click the Edit button in the grey box at the top there is an option to “Publish this plan.” After clicking on the button, a link to share the plan appears at the top. To share the touring plan, copy and send this link to the email addresses of your travel group. "

Well…not literally. :wink:

Speaking of the crowds…you have a point where you have to trek across the park. For example, from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain. With the crowds as overwhelming as they will be, the time to maneuver through the crowds will be longer than usual, so I’d consider setting your walking speed to relaxed or very relaxed to compensate.



I’ve made the plan myself, not using touringplans tool, because there are some predictions of last year which are way off, so i did it considering the posted waits (the pink line in hystorical crowds). That’s why I haven’t shared an actual plan but only a copy of what i’ve made in word :slight_smile:

For example, this was the prediction for splash mountain last year:

And this is for Space:

It’s true that other attractions had correct predictions and that I’ll use a FP for the mountains anyway, but to avoid this possible problem in next NYE predictions I decided to do it all by myself. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to use the tool and see what is the result :slight_smile:

As for the cross of the park from space to splash I’ve left spare time after the splash FP to account for any possible delay (considering also that there will be people on the street for the 11am parade). We are a group of young adults without strollers or ecvs, so I hope 30 minutes will be enough to move at that time, but we’ll see :smiley:

My view is that you are severely under-estimating just how busy the park is going to be.

The actual wait times for the rides are one thing. But when you come out of a ride at 8:30am, you could be facing a wall of people that are simply not moving. You may be having to inch forwards in the direction you’re going. Getting from say Peter Pan to Haunted Mansion by 9:30am could take 20 minutes, or even longer.

Yes, it can be. I’ve never done NYE at MK (I’ve done it at DL in 2010) so I can only estimate things from videos and other reports.
Judging from the video below (shot on the last NYE) I don’t find the park really that crazy, and she moves a lot before 12 pm.

Even at that time I would not say that Fantasyland is crazy at all. It will probably get worse after that and till 9-10pm (after is not that bad judging from the video, except if you need to move from one side to the other since Central Plaza will be already closed, probably). I think the street from HM to Fantasyland will be the worst, with the extended line for IASW.
We’ll see :slight_smile: I have put attractions which I don’t care that much to miss between 12pm and 9.30pm so I can adjust the plan in case we need way more time to move from point A and B, and I’ve tried to minimize crisscrossing the park.
Anyway, thanks for your advice! :slight_smile:

I skimmed through the video as we too will be in WDW for New Years. Fantasyland looks the same or maybe even less crowded than any spring break we have been there (5 of the last 6 years), so I am not too worried about crowds either. We will actually be at MK on 12/30 (HS and EP on 12/31) and are planning EMH at 7am through whenever we get tired of it. We have 6 FPP scheduled (bought the club level extras), multiple ADRs, the dessert party for the early fireworks…I am not worried. It should be a fun, festive atmosphere and less humid and hot than April. I can’t wait!

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I can’t wait too!
I loved my NYE at DLR years ago, crowds were very high but they don’t bother me.
Have fun on your days! :smiley:

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Thanks, you too!

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