Review my plans please?

Hi guys! Monday is my FastPass booking day, and as this is our first trip to Disney, I’d love to have your feedback in case I’ve made any mistakes with timing or if the plans look like they’re off for some reason.

We are 3 adults, and I will be using an ECV rented in the park most days due to an injury. I’ve set the walking pace to relaxed so that we aren’t rushed, and I’ve tried to minimize walking by manually moving steps and evaluating after initial optimizations. We plan on being there about 45 minutes - 1 hour before opening every day, and most days we will be heading back to the hotel between 1pm and 5 pm for a break.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

10/28 - Day of Arrival, flight lands at 10:30 am; MK and MNNSHP
10/29 - MK with EMH and BOG breakfast
10/30 - HS with EMH, would you book more FP anyway, and if so what?
10/31 - AK and Disney Springs
11/1 - Rest Day. Disney Springs if we were too tired for it, or short park trip to repeat favorites
11/2 - Universal Parks
11/3 - Epcot, EMH
11/4 morning - Epcot
11/4 afternoon - MK
11/5 - Day of Departure , flight leaves at 10 am

I always use my FPs at HS but RnR, ToT and ST are three of my “must do” attractions. Are you not planning on being in AK at night?

No, it didn’t seem like there were enough other attractions we’d want to do

AK & MK plans look great!
Your HS plan had me dizzy looking at it but I sympathise. I only have 3 must dos at HS but by the time I tried to include all things Star Wars for DH, DS1 & DS2 I was tearing my hair out. Still to ask liners for advice on that, so I feel I can’t offer much help.
Epcot main comment is that 10 minutes for each pavilion is barely enough time to walk through and take a couple of photos. There are gardens &/or shops etc to discover galore at almost every country. If you want to see a bit more I would try adding them in twice each and see if that’s doable. You could try doing half before Illuminations and then do some after, or some on the 2nd day. Alternatively maybe pick some that interest you most and take 30 minutes for each of them, rather than feel you’re whizzing past for the sake of it. That is a tip I read on here. Remember you can take the boat one way if it helps. Might not save time exactly but saves walking!
Also 15 minutes for the aquarium seems short.

Anyway enjoy!

Thanks! Yeah, I figure that there are at least 2-3 country pavilions we won’t spend much time in that we will spend in others. For example, China doesn’t interest me, nor Morocco, but we have a member of our group who has been to Japan, and I’m preferential to France and England, not so much Canada. I think it will end up working out. :slight_smile:

HS was rough because of the show times, and I really did not want to walk all across the park, back and forth, so I tried to keep it close lol. Not easy.

Bump… Tomorrow is FP day if anyone else is willing to give them a look. Thanks! :slight_smile: