Review my MK TP

Here is my first MK tp. We have a 2 and 4 yo (almost 3 & 5). Am I doing too much? The first 3 FPP are already booked and I’m pretty sure I can get that 4th FPP for IASW. It’s a crowd 4. I have speed set to very relaxed to allow for dawdling/bathroom breaks.

We have BOG at 8:30. I plan to do nap/stroller during the rest. We plan to leave right after dinner.

This is by far our busiest day. It will be our first full day so we shouldn’t be tired out. I figure if we can do this we can handle the other days.


You need to make the plan public if you would like others to view it. Right now, I can’t see it.

I did that. Try this.

I believe you can arrive to your bog breakfast by 7:45 then you would be finished by park opening. I have never done this but I think that’s how it works. Also be sure to preorder that will save time also. I think your plan looks pretty good.

Thanks! Even if my res is for 8:30? I figure we might want arrive 10-15 minutes early and see if we can get in. But I didn’t want to push it with 2 little ones especially on our first day navigating. I know they’ll want to gaze as we walk down Main Street.

Any reservation before park opening will be let in before 8am.

I mean into the restaurant itself. I just googled and it seems I might still be able to be seated early.

Suggestion to go along with getting into BOG early -
Think about getting on PP (if you don’t wanna hit 7d) after breakfast before starting your TP, so you can ride it twice if you’d like - or get it done, and cross it off.
In turn, that lunch at high noon - I’d assume avoiding CHH at high noon and going earlier is a good idea, but that’s me. If noon is your thing, please use Mobile Ordering, if possible.

Thanks! Doing 7dmt our 2nd MK day with FPP. Definitely doing mobile ordering. I have a feeling my kids may want to do Barnstormer more than once so that may be where extra time goes.

Looks fine over all. One minor tweak I might consider is putting POTC last so that you don’t have to backtrack. Basically, you are going from one side of the park to the other just for POTC and then back to the middle. I’d be more inclined to fill the afternoon with maybe some duplicate rides at Fantasyland and relax a bit, watch the show, then head towards POTC to end out the day.

They’ll definitely let you go whenever for BOG - we had an 8:20 reservation and were seated by 8. Then we were able to walk on to Winnie the Pooh, just barely edging out the rope drop crowd. On the other hand, be warned that we did Dumbo at 9:15 and it was a surprise 30 minute wait that the touring plan had predicted as 4 minutes - that was on a busier CL day, though. Just be aware, when looking at the line, that there’s a pretty substantial covered indoor section that you’re not seeing. We had no problem getting a late Barnstormer FPP, though. Small World FPPs were also plentiful. Also this obviously depends on your kids, but Haunted Mansion terrified my almost 3 and barely 5 year olds.

I also think you should try to work the parade into your plans - it’s magical and other than Star Tours it was my 5 year old’s favourite thing.

Parade is scheduled our 2nd day.

I thought of that. I couldn’t get it to work otherwise. We would be late for the show otherwise. I could try for it after lunch maybe.

Interesting about HM. I showed DD 4 on YouTube the first couple min and wasn’t scared. They’ve been excited about it. I’m more worried about PoC to be honest. That scared her a bit on YouTube and it made me scared when I was 8. I remember freaking about being hit by one of the cannons.

With a PPO bog, however, you’ll have time to sneak in a ride on 7d or PP before the rope drop crowd arrives. I know 7D works that way, not 100% sure about PP. The BOG breakfast group gets lead to 7d, and held in a line. They are usually allowed entry to the 7d queue before the rope drop crowd. I’ve done this a few times, but I’ve never done PP this way.

Nice! If that ends up happening I might then drop my 7dmt for the 2nd day and pick up something else. Or if we love it I may keep it.

I did move POC to after IASW. The wait time is a bit more at 16 minutes but still not bad nd maybe I can FPP. I end up with more free tome in general so that’s a win.

Just realized it’s EMM so I don’t think I can get on anything early but I will be in good shape to start early.

It was EMM when we were there and we were still able to walk on Winnie the Pooh right at 9 - you should be ok.