Review my HS TP?

I’ve put together a 1-day HS TP geared towards my 4 yr old son. I’d like to get feedback on how it looks, and if anyone recommends any changes. And, yes, SDD is not on my TP. I couldn’t get a daytime FPP for it, and I just couldn’t see the wait being worth it, especially when my son could be doing so many other fun things. Here’s my TP:

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Hi there! A few thoughts (my kids are preschool aged too):
-Maybe rope drop Alien Swirling Saucers to save some waiting. It’s a dull queue for not a super great ride. Waits are usually not too bad earlier in the morning. If I were to do it, I would do Aliens, Mickey/Minnie M&G, then Olaf.
-Or rope drop some of the Toy Story characters. Their lines get long very quickly & they are outdoors/not shaded.
-Does he like Cars? The new Lightening McQueen show is supposed to be good for this age.
-Another show to consider is Indiana Jones if he won’t be frightened by a stunt show.


What happens to wait times in the plan if you flip Alien Swirling Saucers and Muppets? I would try to get to Alien Swirling Saucers earlier than your current plan.

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-I’ve thought about RD for ASS, but if we aren’t in the front of the pack, the wait goes up real quick (and we’ll have a stroller & 2 grandparents with us). If I put it as the first step on my TP, it puts the wait at 40 min. Then, the wait time for M&M is over an hour. Also, wait time for Olaf goes up to half an hour. That would also have us walking back and forth between TSL and Commisary Lane (though I’m not familiar with how big the park is and if it matters that much).
-I didn’t realize the Toy Story characters were usually out that early in the morning? Maybe I’ll move that up.
-I tried to get him to watch Cars and he had no interest.
-I’m not familiar with the Indiana Jones show and wasn’t sure it would appeal to that age group.

If I flip those around, it only shortens the ASS wait by 2 min. Even doing it first thing, the TP puts the wait at 40 minutes.

I was there during Dorian and the characters appeared at 7am. With super low crowds, each character line was still 15 to 20 minutes.

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I noticed that you are probably getting the “error” message “The plan may have you arriving at a show, meal or break a little later than you’d prefer…” In order to relieve this - if interested - you need to make sure your break steps start 10 min before your break. I noticed this for Steps 7, 9, 11 (listed as 9:30am , but at 2pm)

I also agree with @Jetblast that you should add a break starting at 8am for 15 minutes to give yourself a “cushion” for the first two steps of character meetings.


Wow, good to know! I increased that time to 45 minutes. I’m hoping we can meet Buzz when in MK since we’ll have 2 days there. Also, even though my son loved the first TS, I couldn’t get him to watch all of the second one, so he may not be interested in meeting Jessie. I haven’t tried to get him to watch TS3 or TS4.

Thanks everyone! I’ve update my TP based on everyone’s suggestions and I think it looks better. I added a 15 min. break first thing in the morning for padding. I moved Muppets to the afternoon, so I can moved ASS earlier and have more time for the Toy Story Characters (45 min.). Any other suggestions?

I forgot to include the link to my new TP:
I’d appreciate any feedback my latest TP!

It looks much better. You are a little tight getting to Sci-Fi Dinner and the Frozen show after, but manageable. Just try to sit on the end of an aisle for Little Mermaid and “walk with a purpose” to & from lunch. Have fun!!

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Looks pretty good to me! It’s a bummer the Mickey and Minnie M&G doesn’t offer FP. What happens if you do the M&G first and then ASS? I feel like you should be able to work meeting Olaf in sometime during the day and that it wouldn’t be imperative to do first thing. I don’t think his wait times typically exceed 30 minutes and are generally much lower than that.

Also, your 75 minutes for Sci-Fi is a little tight. We were in and out in about 65 minutes in August but that was eating at 4, ordering our food as soon as our waiter came to take our drink order and asking for the check when our food came out.

Have you considered the Indiana Jones show? I think that and Frozen are our faves in HS.

If I do M&M and then ASS, it adds a fair amount of walking back & forth. Interestingly, it also increases the ASS wait time. I imagine it has something to do with the fact that there is a surge of people that line up for ASS first thing.

I wasn’t sure the Indiana Jones show would appeal to my son…