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PHEW! I can finally sleep at night knowing this :stuck_out_tongue:

(I kid, this is actually really helpful to folks new to the site).

They’re the ones I’m hoping to interest and attract.

I’m sick of you old-timers. You’re all awful and you mostly smell of wee.



ya yippersnapper


We enjoy the breakfasts as well. Our all time favorite though is Garden Grill. We ate there several days before eating breakfast at Ohana and we were truly unimpressed with Ohana breakfast. Maybe we would have enjoyed it more if we had done Ohana before GG. We loved the characters at both. But the server and the food were so much better at GG. The cinnamon roll bake, the eggs, bacon, just yummy and they have the POG juice as well.

H&V was pretty good as well. The other characters you saw were Disney Jr. Goofy was dressed in his Mickey and the Roadster Racer outfit.

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The problem with GG is that they stop doing breakfast so early. I’m not a rope-dropper. I made 11am type breakfast reservations at the other places, but you can’t do that at GG.


They have breakfast reservations at 10:30, so no need to rope drop. 11am is actually very late for breakfast in the US. Most restaurants outside of the World stop serving it around 10:30/11am.

I’ve barely made it into the shower by 10.30am! That’s the middle of the night!

Well that’s ok then, more reservations for me to enjoy their yummy food.


I always thought it was whippersnapper!?


…ahem…well they say the mind is the first thing go…



YESSSS breakfast foods. Lol.

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This is true, lol.

I have done all 3 of these breakfasts you speak of and agree! They’re all good/fun.

I[quote=“profmatt, post:1, topic:47941”]
And while they lack the subtle sophistication of the full English breakfast,

“subtle sophistication” - gotta love that Brit humor. Let’s see now, fried eggs, fried sausages, fried bread, fried back bacon, fried mushroooms, and baked beans. Yep, subtle and sophisticated…

Don’t get me wrong - I love a good fry-up. Last trip back to Blighty it was the Full English every morning, thank you very much. :smiley:

ETA: I forgot the fried tomatoes. And the black pudding. And chips…


How did I not know this?? I have been wanting to do an Ohana late breakfast on our next trip but really couldn’t justify it since we aren’t really Stitch fans (no flames!). Is it just one of the fab five? I look and it lists “Disney friends” which I know they usually do so they can substitute. But I also <3 Minnie!

It’s Mickey and Pluto, (along with Lilo and Stitch). I believe they rotate the character that you do the photo pass photo with. It was Stitch last summer and it seems to be Mickey these days.

We had Pluto at the photopass location in May.

When I was there in June, Mickey was doing the rounds of the tables. Pluto was available in the photo spot. When you checked in for breakfast, you were given a ticket to use for the line.

I struggle with Character breakfasts . Firstly because I don’t normally eat breakfast and secondly because I feel a little embarrassed interacting with the characters as an adult.