Reverse ADR search?

Disregard my question! I wish I could say I was drunk when I asked this but, instead, I have to simply admit I was only using 5% of my brain.

Is there a tool out there where I can search for available ADR by date/time as opposed to by restaurant?
I might have an extra table service credit to play around with when we are on our trip and I’m wondering if I’m able to, for example, a day or two in advance, select a time and see a list of all restaurants that have availability?

You can do this on the Disney website- just put your date and time in and everything available shows up. Is this not how you booked your initial restaurants?

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Haha - well, now I feel like a moron!

No, I have always made ADR’s by searching for the specific restaurant that I wanted and THEN selecting a day/time.

No need to feel like a moron! Hope you find some good choices for your extra table service.

Thanks! For having such an anal personality, I’m rolling my eyes at myself for missing something so obvious!

A somewhat related question: If running very late for an ADR, is it possible to call and change for a later time if there is an opening?

Trying to plan ADRs for with a 4 and 2 year old can be tricky as I’m not always positive when they will nap or how late into the day their smiles will last! :wink:

It probably depends on when you are going. If during free dining, every restaurant will be booked and that will not be possible. Also, if they are popular restaurants (anything with characters, Ohana, Be Our Guest) I am guessing no. I wouldn’t count on it but you can always try. Problem is you can’t really call the restaurants at Disney- you will be connected to a call center. Also, if you are more than 15-20 minutes late they will charge you a no show fee of $10 per person. I would just plan on sticking to your ADR’s. :smile:

I am glad that you posted this question, because I had no idea that you could select the date and time and see what’s available. I had also always searched each restaurant individually. This will be really helpful for our next trip to WDW. I’m not sure how I missed this the last time I was booking ADRs.

If you also know the restaurant that you want and want to see if it at all available during the length of your stay as opposed to searching by the day and time you can go to and when you sign up for free you can search that way as well and see all availabilities.

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haha glad I’m not the only one!