Returning to park after dinner reservation

We have a dinner reservation at Chef Mickeys at 5:30pm and will be leaving the park for this. How much of wait is there to get back into the park after our dinner? Are we talking a 30 min wait? We have FP for Buzz light year ride at 7pm. Is there enough time to get back for this.

A wait to get in? No wait at all. Just the time it takes to get back there and get through tapstiles

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As to your FPP you’ll end up on the back end of that but a 7pm (good til 8pm) FPP will be fine. I imagine you’ll be back in park by 7:30 at the outside

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Thanks for the reply. I thought maybe it would be closer to 7pm for our return for the FPP.

That depends on how long you spend in Chef Mickey’s. It is a big place, so it can take a while for all the characters to come round. And of course, in between coming to the tables and breaks, there’s the dancing too!

I would allow 90 minutes for any character meal to be honest. Especially now that I have literally just read that CM now has a “Create your own Mickey Waffle station”. That might even be enough for me to go back :joy:

Which is also why I wouldn’t book a PPO breakfast, (except possibly at H&V if I was going with small children who wanted to do Jedi Training).


It will not be difficult to get back into the park. The Contemporary has its own security checkpoint on the sidewalk that leads to the Magic Kingdom (if walking; if riding the Monorail, the checkpoint is at the entrance to the monorail station - a short walk from Chef Mickey’s). You will most likely be the only people in line. After that, you breeze through the tapstiles and you are on Main Street. Possibly a couple minute wait at the tapstile is all you will encounter.


Idk if this is typical, but we waited 70 minutes to be seated at Chef Mickey last fall. It was not a quick meal at all!

We waited at least 30 min to be seated too. You should allow 90 min once you are seated.

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Thanks all. Gonna check in 30 min early for a reservation. Hopefully they can get us in on time.