Returning to MK During Parade

On one of our MK days, we’re taking a mid-day break and returning to the park around 4 pm (we have FP for Pirates starting at 3:55). How should the parade affect our plans?

You may find that A LOT of people are trying to exit the park at that time. It has the potential to be like a salmon swimming up stream. If it were me, I would use the stores on the left side as a hallway if Main Street and the sidewalks are super crowded. The good thing is you have up until 4:55 to use your FPP so you should be good to go!

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Going through the shops is a great idea! Thanks!

Bumping this topic.

Slightly different set of facts. We are taking a mid-day break, but I would like to return to the MK right around 3:00 to take advantage of the parade time to grab a few rides with less wait.

Any thoughts of how to enter the park in that 2:50 - 3:20 time frame. I assume crossing from the entrance over to the Main Street Shops by the barber shop will be blocked off at that time…

Thoughts on scooting around by Tony’s and up that side into Tomorrowland?

How can I make this work . . .


If I recall correctly, great start in frontierland at 3 o’clock so entering the front gate and travelling directly down main street into tomorrowland shouldn’t be a problem for you at 2:50.

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Great start = the parade starts

That’s what I am planning on. Just wondering whether the area in Town Square and down Main Street etc will be so crowded that we will have trouble getting past . . .

In my experience it didn’t get super crowded in town Square until the paradeActually started