Returning Stroller to Hotel not staying at?

We plan on going to Magic Kingdom on the day we’re checking out and leaving the park midday. We are renting a stroller for our whole stay-would we be allowed to take the stroller to like the Contemporary Resort and leave it at their luggage room to return it even though we’re not staying there?

Yes. We did this with Kingdom Stroller Rentals. When you’re reserving, it asks where you want to pick up and where you want to return. Just input the Contemporary in the return box. It’s very easy to do. I’m not sure about other rental agencies though.

ETA: The stroller pick up and return is at the bell hop desk in each resort.


If you’re referring to the strollers you rent direct from Disney, no you would not be able to leave the park with it.

Yes, @blocker11 is right in that regard. I took the question to mean you were renting for your whole trip from one of the 3rd party stroller rental/delivery services, like Kingdom Strollers or Magic Strollers, who will deliver and pickup the stroller to your home resort. With those, you can have them deliver and pickup from any resort.

But, the Disney in-park stroller rentals are not to be taken out of the parks at all. I wouldn’t personally recommend that, because you have to go to the stroller rental place every time you enter the park, wasting lots of valuable time. Those plastic strollers pretty much are terrible anyway.

I meant renting from a 3rd Party such as Kingdom/Orlando Stroller Rentals.

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