Returning hotel towels at BB or TL?

We’re planning to take the beach towels available from our hotel poolside to BB and TL. Can we then return these towels to the BB/TL staff after we’re done for the day? It would suck to have to bring wet towels around with us after BB /TL as we wanted to park hop or go to DS right after.

Interesting question. I don’t recall seeing the bins for towel return at either water park. I think when you rent towels at the parks, you are required to return them to the shop so they know they got them back.
So, if you take towels from the hotels, there might not be a place to drop them at the water parks, which helps to discourage people from doing that.
If you pack a couple of plastic shopping bags with your beach bag, you could put the wet items in those to transport back to the hotel.

There are towel return bins at both parks next to changing shower area and lockers at front of park. No deposit so no need to return to kiosk. So just put them in them.


Awesome! Thanks!

Thanks! I must have missed those!