Returning from WDW

I just came back. I really enjoyed the parks. They were astonishingly clean. The staff were friendly yet stern, which was much needed with so much activity. The environments were so creative, you have to see it for yourself. The wait times were accurate, sometimes shorter than projected. I really appreciated the cooling elements WDW implemented at the rides, this to me was an exceptional act of hospitality. It was so hot during my trip! Security was effective as we unfortunately had a line jumper. Overall my experience at the parks were great. I only ask for a behavior reporting system in the future and would like for them to supply 2ply toilet paper. Looking forward to going back.


Nice, glad you had a great time.

Can you talk about what happened with the line jumper? What attraction? Was the line jumper trying to meet his family by cutting or did he just randomly cut in front of everyone?

Just curious. I had this experience when i went also.

A gentleman and his daughter (I assume) were in line when my family approached. After about 30 minutes, they both exited. 20 minutes later, he, his daughter, his wife, and his son ducked through the dividers and positioned themselves back in front of me. I asked what they were doing, the man responded they were already there. I disagreed and asked them to get out the line. We bickered about it, the guests in front of them chimed in confirming that they got out and had no right to return. The man refused, insisting that was his spot. The other guests advised me to let a Cast Member know so we let it rest for a few minutes. The same guest offered to let my family ahead of them in line, to which we declined because it wasn’t fair to others. The man of the rude family offered to let my family ahead of him, to which I also declined. My husband chimed in at that point asking the man to get out again instead, but he refused although he changed his whole attitude once my husband spoke. The man told me in his country, this was acceptable. I responded in America it wasn’t and that he needed to get out the line. 30 minutes later (the wait was 75 minutes), upon approaching the ride entry the other guests and I notified the cast member. The CM retrieved Security and Security escorted them out of the line.

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It sounds crazy, but I now pack a roll of Charmin 2 ply for every Disney trip! Maybe we are spoiled, but I cannot believe anyone uses 1 ply sandpaper on a daily basis on purpose. :rofl:


One thing I really like was the accuracy of the ‘bus arrival’ times. Always accurate with in a minute.