Rethinking my plans

It happens every time I plan my trip to WDW. I start to rethink my plans, just as soon as I lock them in! I just booked my fastpasses yesterday for my July trip. I’m looking at the end of the trip and thinking about switching two of the days. I always make sure to plan late start/morning rest days.

Here’s our schedule as it is now with our planned early/late days:

Day 1 - Epcot - Rope Drop
Day 2 - MK - Late
Day 3 - HS - Late
Day 4 - Blizzard Beach AM / AK evening
Day 5 - Epcot - Late
Day 6 - MK - Rope Drop / Epcot-afternoon evening
Day 7 - AK Rope Drop / MK evening - Fireworks dessert party
Day 8 - late morning at parks then head to airport. NOOOO!!!

Day 5 and Day 6 are the days I’m thinking of switching up. There is still decent availability for my FPP choices. I just think, it would be good to have a late morning day before the craziness that is rope drop at Animal Kingdom. My sister is going with us on the trip, and she is not a great “tourist” and doesn’t love crowds. I know this about her, so I’m trying to plan accordingly.

I just wanted to see what you all thought, because I’m sure you all have some good opinions!

Definitely two RDs in a row will test even the strongest family ties @alkerns! I’d change them around and make the Epcot - Late day an earlier evening in preparation of AK RD the next day.

I agree.

Thank you Quicha and OBNurseNH! I think I needed someone to say, yes, you are right! So I went ahead and changed up my plans. My 7DMT ended up later in the day - 1:25 - but I’m okay with that. I think we’ll make it the last attraction of the day.

Now, to work on my Touring Plans and tweak any dining reservations!


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