Rethinking CBR Room Requests

So the TP CBR description is not too keen on Aruba 54-56. But I’m wondering whether it is now a much better spot to request b/c 1) skyliner access; 2) proximity to Riviera. It looks like it would be just about as close to walk over to Riviera as it would be to walk back to Centertown. Anyone have thoughts/experiences post skyliner & Riviera opening?

We were just at CBR last week. I requested building 55 or 56, and we got building 55.

It is very close to the skyliner Riviera station and convenient… Most of the time. For example, for our week, HS opened at 7am. Skyliner opened at 730am. Not gonna help you get a boarding group for RotR.

Building 54 is convenient to the Riviera station and the Aruba bus stop.

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I think you are on to something. We just returned and had stayed in Aruba building 52 which is a little closer to the bridge over to the main swimming pool than the buildings you are mentioning and still found the Riviera Skyliner station too convenient for Epcot. We had only planned on going to Epcot two partial days out of six but ended up in Epcot on four separate occasions (for meals and because my 5 year old’s favorite ride is Journey into Imagination…hopefully she grows out of the purple dragon obsession soon). I had requested a standard room on the ground floor in the Jamaica section because I had wanted to be near the main Skyliner station but I was happy with the location we got in Aruba and we would walk to the main station to go to HS (to avoid transferring) and would walk to the Riviera station to go to Epcot because it was closer. Also had breakfast at Topolinos Terrace which was great but did not explore their other dining options though that would certainly be closer to the closest Aruba buildings than walking back to Old Port Royale. I should mention that I love the Skyliner and especially if you are traveling with a stroller, it is a game changer.

Love Skyliner, and can see where Aruba could be good. We were in Jamaica last week, building 43, which is what we requested and it was very close to the main Skyliner station.

If I had it to do over again, I would request Barbados. It appears decently convenient to Skyliner hub station, is close to Port Royale and the main pool, and based on bus loops I think it would have better bus service. While some of Barbados is considered preferred, I believe there are standard rooms too.

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we stayed in Barbados bldg 32 the week of January 6th and it was very convenient for both the skyliner and Port Royal.I would definitely stay there again.

We ended up in Jamaica 41 and it is ideal for both HS & Epcot. We didn’t need to spend much time at Port Royal & didn’t get a chance for pool time. There was a coffee kiosk outside of the Skyliner which also was a lifesaver. Would definitely repeat!

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We are planning a family trip in May 2021. How are the rooms for a group of 4 (2A/2C) and a group of 5 (4A/1C) at Aruba?

I agree that having a room near the main skyliner station is a game changer, especially if you don’t care much about the pool or plan visiting Old Port Royale often. We ended up in Jamaica building 46 facing the parking lot- close to the bus and the skyliner station. I had asked for building 44 through the room request tool on the site (I don’t think it worked for us).
We don’t use the pools at all and only had to visit OPR about 4 times on the trip for food and shopping (plus once very late on arrival night to try to figure out where our luggage was…won’t be using that part of Magical Express service again, too stressful…).
Now that we are home and reviewing the trip we will ask for building 43 or 41 next year to save that bit of extra walking from the skyliner. And yes, there were days the Joffery’s coffee location was a major help!!

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+1 on Magical Express adding more stress! When I asked about our luggage when it had not arrived after 4 hours, the bellman informed me they had not received it from the airline. Called the airline who told me it was at the airport. Bellman informs me this was the airline’s fault. I informed the bellman that the airline had not offered to bring my luggage from the airport to the hotel. I ended up having to take a cab at the airport at midnight to retrieve our bag. Not a magical start.