Retail Magic Bands

Hi there. I’m curious to know if anyone has tried the retail magic bands. DS5 is gaga over the sorcerer mickey one. Merchandising can’t sell them…we will have to purchase on site and then link when we are there. Is that a huge hassle? Can I do it from MDE on my phone? Can Guest Sevices help me out with that? Will it Jack with his FPP? Inquiring minds want to know, yo.

I bought the HM one at MK. The CM activated it at the register for me. No issues with already scheduled FPPs.

Guest services can help with any issues. Front desk at the resort too.

I didn’t try it on my room though because I still had my other original band.

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When we bought the Christmas Party band they said we could activate from home if we wanted. They actually said it was easier. Are they now saying it has to be activated at purchase?

what was the process?

Was it easier to activate them at home?

It was really easy to activate at the register right after I bought mine. Took all of 5 minutes.

I know some you can buy without activating now (when it used to be that they HAD to be activated). But I didn’t realize you can activate them at home.

We insisted they activate then. They actually argued, repeatedly, that it was faster and easier at home.

It is incredibly easy to activate it from the app or web site. Sign into your MDE account. Under the MDE menu, click on MagicBands and Cards. At the bottom, there is a button that says “Link”. Click on it and add the number on the inside of your MagicBand.

I had one that I purchased and linked like that, and while it showed up in my profile, it wasn’t working at the main gate. If that happens, the easiest way to try and fix it is go back into your account, find the MagicBand in the list, click to deactivate it, and then click it again to reactivate it. Worked the next time I tried it at the gate.


I also got the HM band last summer. Went first thing in the morning to the Emporium, and they linked it there, took about 7 minutes total, including finding a working touch pad.


My brother bought 5 MB for my june trip. They activated them at the cashier and when I got them I plugged them into my MDE profile in about 5 minutes. It is so easy! You just need the number on the back of your band. Linking the physical media ticket was also simple. I have yet to try them out but the process so far is nice!

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