Resurrection of a family vacation

Was due to go to Universal and Disney for a week in July. All was planned by touring plans. 12 hours before departure my child became critically ill and the vacation was cancelled. Thanks to my Lord Jesus she is recovering still. If the trend continues in her recovery, we hope to salvage the universal portion of the trip with a stay at Royal Pacific Saturday12/29/18-1/2/19. We have 3 day PTP passes which can be used thru mid January. Obviously, this is the busiest time of year but with this health crisis we are not nearly so geared to see/ride everything. We should all be fit for most any but the most intense of rides.

These are my questions:
Which 3 days should I go to the parks?
Is Volcano Bay worth a day or is a day lounging at Royal Pacific good?
What are the holiday must do’s?
Macy’s parade on New Years?? Do/don’t do?

Kids are early 20’s. No physical limitations save some mild tendency to vertigo and with intense rides.

Help me reclaim this vacation from the nightmare of the last month.

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I am so glad to hear that your child is on the mend! I have never been in the parks at that time, so I can’t offer advice on the seasonal happenings. However, I can tell you that if you have a park-to-park ticket, and not a three park ticket, your ticket does not include Volcano Bay, so that would be an extra charge. Personally, if you are looking at three park days during a busy time, I would skip Volcano Bay, but I have never actually been to Volcano Bay myself.


Thank you

Any chance of pushing the trip back one additional week?

I mean…going during the Christmas to New Years week is crazy busy. Like, busy unlike any other time a year. A 10 unlike any other 10!

So, if you CAN change it, I would. (Personally, I’ll NEVER return to Disney/Universal during that week after our experience during that time period.)

Having said that, if changing it is not an option, then I would spring for Express Passes if you haven’t already, which should help.

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We will be at the Royal Pacific so will have early access and express passes and a low threshold to retreat to the resort midday.

It’s our only option re family free time lining up