Restricted access to FW at Halloween?

Is anyone aware of any time when you had to be scanned to go to FW via any form of WDW transportation, and not allowed if you were not staying there?

Yes before covid this was a thing bc of all the people that wanted to go see the campsites decorated. I don’t know if it’s still in effect now though.

I’ve never heard this.

I’d love to see a solid report of “this happened”.

So it was 2020, but:

See it says “will be under”

That’s a forward-looking report.

I’m looking for a “this happened” report - that confirms that it actually occurred.

Or a “this is happening right now” report (like a tweet or something)

There’s something in this blog from 2019 that says on Halloween non resort guests aren’t allowed on property to trick or treat.
I think it’s highly unlikely that a rumor happens two years in a row.

I really would expect though that if it happened we would hear about it.

Don’t you? Even from the “Karens” of the world on social media…

Again this article is forward-looking:

“While the resorts welcome guests to shop, eat and explore, special holidays present unique challenges. It wouldn’t be far-fetched for Disney World to come up with ways to limit transportation access to the Fort during events such as this. (Update: It appears that on Halloween, only registered Fort guests will be allowed in for trick-or-treating.”

On Disboards there is a discussion about that last Halloween.

Apparently not only were no FW people not allowed but someone made a mistake and didn’t remove group bookings from the inventory. So they were overbooked. The disboards person was offered a posh upgrade with the promise that they’d be allowed in to view because of the mistake. Memory gets a little fuzzy here, but even then once they got there, they were told they weren’t allowed in and the person that told them that had been fired. Whether they were let in as a special case I don’t remember.

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I’ve also read about it from an “it happened” perspective on the DIS but I couldn’t tell you exactly what post it was.

The crowds on Halloween were becoming disruptive for people on the property so I understand the motive.

A lot of what happens at FW tends to stay in the campground specific groups.

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I’ll check over there then.

I’m hunting this down for an actual reason. I’m not trying to be a dick and am aware it may be coming across that way

THAT’S the exact post I was thinking about when I said I saw it on the dis.


I don’t think you were coming across badly, and it is valid question.

I assume that they have reasons for limiting access. I’ve never lived in a neighborhood that is a destination for Christmas lights, but I understand it can be annoying without alleys. So, my guess is that it is the same at FW. But, I was shocked that they fussed about letting in the people that they’d bumped.

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I found the threads that reference it specifically in case you didn’t find it.

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