Trying to nail down dining plans for 1st (basically) trip with DH DD6 and DS4 and need some help! my husband is the pickiest eater ever! He will eat filet, chicken, shellfish, BBQ, Italian, Chinese… And that’s about it… No Indian/Thai, no ground meat, no gravy or sauces (unless italian). So far we have agreed on character dining and 2 seafood restaurants. Need suggestions for the night we will do fantasmic/HS. Don’t need to eat in the park, but nearby I guess. We are at BLT so we are in the monorail. Also need suggestion for the evening after we do AK… Is it worth going back there at night? TIA!!! I can’t believe what a science this is!

Hollywood Brown Derby has a beautiful filet, and it’s right in the park.

My favorite restaurant in HS is 50’s Prime Time. It is home style food and will have fish chicken etc as options. Be sure to let your server know that your DH does not want any gravy on his potatoes etc. For AK, you could look at Yak and Yeti or Go back to your resort and try The Wave. Also, I have heard good things about GF cafe which you could access from the Monorail. There are several Italian options in WDW now. There is Mama Melrose in HS. Its not high on my list but gets plenty of positive reviews. I just think the dish I got was not good.

Mama Melrose at HS gets great reviews for Italian. Yak & Yeti at AK gets good reviews for Asian food. Since you’re at BLT what about 'Ohana, they serve asian chicken wings and shrimp among other things, Plenty of good steak to be had. If you want a fancy dinner he can get a filet at CG next door in CR.

There is also Sci-Fi which my kids love. Near BLT Kona Cafe at Poly, Whispering Canyon at WL. Also, we like Contempo Cafe at CR for something quick.

Thanks! I want to do hollywood brown derby or california grill, but was trying to see if maybe I would get 1 credit recommendations lol! Guess not! The dining plan seems like such a scam the more I plan… I was also curious about mama melrose, but we’re from nj so I was skeptical… More research needed!

If you’re used to really good Italian where you live, I wouldn’t mess with MM. It’s very Olive-Gardeny, in our opinion. My entree was inedible the last time we tried it (which was the second time. The first was okay, but they took the dish I had off the menu). That being said, many liners love it.