Restaurant thoughts

I’d like to try a new restaurant or two during my upcoming birthday trip with DH and DD13 and am considering Lamplight Lounge and/or Carthay Circle. We are not very adventurous eaters and will likely order burgers or pasta, or steak, but I will definitely try some fun cocktails. Thoughts? Can WOC (if it’s happening in March) be enjoyed from Lamplighters? Is the lounge at Carthay ok for kids? If we only do the lounge at either place, will we feel like we’re missing out on the full restaurant experience? Thanks for your input! I’m going to try to make reservations at the 60 day mark.

Just had to refresh my memory but the Carthay Circle Lounge is basically the waiting area for the restaurant. There are some tables near the bar and some in the lobby but everyone waiting for their table upstairs is jockeying for someplace to sit and wait. There is also a lounge upstairs but it is 21+. Neither lounge takes reservations.
I haven’t been to the Lamplighter Lounge yet so can’t speak to the World of Color viewing except to be picturing that you would be seeing the show from the side and might not be able to see the projections well (?). I have eaten at that location several times when it was Ariel’s Grotto.

I haven’t been to Lamplight Lounge since it was re-imagined, but the pictures I’ve seen of it make the ambiance seem very wonderful. At both lounges the menu options are limited compared to the full restaurant but I am fairly confident they keep options that would appeal to less adventurous eaters.

For a birthday trip I’d probably try them both! For WOC, when it was The Cove you’d have to get a table 60-90 min. before the show to have a chance of seeing it. It’s definitely a different perspective, but at a rail you do get a very nice no heads in your view of the fountains.