Restaurant Reservations

I have a lunch reservation for 2:40. What is the window for arriving on time - is it only 2:40 - or is there some leeway?

Thanks for any help. I don’t want to spend the extra $10 per person.

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They will tell you 15 minutes, but I’ve been later than that. Although I wouldn’t push it too far. If you’re going to be really late, have restaurant # handy and call direct to let them know. Courtesy seems to go a long way.


We were in the neighborhood of 30 minutes late for one of our breakfasts - I could see our name in red on the reservation list, but it was no issue. We got a table quickly and had a great meal. At that time of day, I wouldn’t expect it to be a big issue, but I wouldn’t plan on showing up super late either…

My group was about 30 minutes late for an ADR and we had to wait at least 45 minutes for a table with hot, tired and cranky kids and adults.

I think a lot depends on if you’re missing towards a busy time or less busy. When we’ve missed heading into a less busy time, like a late breakfast, it hasn’t been much of an issue and we had a short wait. But of course we’ve also been on time and had some extremely long waits as well - this past trip a 4:30 dinner at Biergarten took us 30-45 minutes or so to get seated - not a time I expected to be that busy. Just depends on the restaurant and day it seems.

Second the suggestion to call - I have called the restaurant in several instances: running late, cancellation because of illness, etc. and every time they were happy to accommodate me because I took the time to call. Never been charged the no-show fee, even for a cancellation.