Restaurant Reservations August

I’m planning a trip for mid-August. We haven’t been to Disney since 2019. Have things changed much in terms of the difficulty in getting dining reservations? In previous trips I’ve been able to book most the day dining opened and then typically got everything by checking religiously. For our upcoming trip I have a list including some that I know are tough (Cinderella’s, Topolino, Space 220, etc.) and am trying to prep myself. Is there a current list somewhere of hardest to get?

Those are definitely some of the hardest to get along with Be Our Guest and Sci-Fi. Now that reservations are at 60 days it does seem to be more difficult to get than before. Plenty of people have had luck though using Reservation Finder, Mousedining and I think there is another finder service. Also the day before as people cancel.

The TP Res Finder is an amazing tool.

They also don’t seem to be always loading ‘restaurant inventory’ on time. So you might run into something that has never been a problem getting, and there is no availability. Then you call and they look and see that no one has reservations for that day. Then it is just a matter of setting a res. finder here.

Very helpful. Thanks! I have used the TP Res finder in the past with success, so hopefully I can make it work on this trip too. I feel like my planning this time around is pretty different from our last trip.

I don’t think you can count on res. finders though. Changes at 60 days is entirely different from 180 days. Demand is different too.
If I had another WDW trip planned for anytime this year I’d do another Leading Reservation. I’d also put it on a fake account and see if any liner going at the same time would like to use it also.