Restaurant Recommendations for all parks

I know Disney food is not cheap by any means. Can you recommend a restaurant in each park that is in the lower end of the money spectrum but is still good? We will have 2 toddlers and dont want to sit forever or break the bank. Need to make a couple ADR’s for our trip. Thank you!

I’m not much help here but… With my toddlers we always grab some caseys while at mk… Good value, quick and easy too! Then we sit somewhere on a bench so we can people watch and eat :slight_smile: we also love CP for pre rd breakfast… The characters are always fun and getting up for food is easy! All the other parks we eat on the run too… :wink:

Are you considering character meals? They are expensive, but DH and I love the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the air conditioning. We schedule them for lunch. It’s a great break in the middle of a hot day. And our DD loves the characters (as do I).

Sit down retaurants? I would suggest the Plaza in MK, and 50s in HS.

We really liked Pecos Bills at MK, Sunshine Seasons at Epcot. Kids might also like Sunny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s.

Do you want to make ADRs? In other words, are you looking for table service restaurants, or can we recommend some indoor counter services?

Indoor counter service would be great!

Backlot Express and Pizza Planet are good indoor counter service at HS. Columbia Harbour House, Cosmic Rays are two great indoor counter service places at MK. Haven’t eaten there but I’m pretty sure Restaurantosauros (I’m sure I spelt that wrong!) at AK is indoors and a counter service. At Epcot, Sunshine Seasons has a lot of options and is indoors. It wasn’t our favourite but I’m definitely in the minority as it gets a lot of Liner love!

Good luck! We also ate at the Plaza in MK and had a nice meal.

Good luck!

Adding some more options… Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom is really solid quick service for Hamburger, Hot Dogs (with mac and cheese!) Nuggets and a good Black Bean Veggie Burger too. I forget what else is on the menu, but last time in AK wife and I split nuggets and the hotdog and it was good.

In Epcot Tangierine Cafe in Morroco is very good quick service too! and like most WDW restaurants its kid menu isnt crazy so they have hamburgers and nuggets too for them.

Katsura Grill in Japan is very good too and worth checking out IMO for some decent sushi, Udon, and Teriyaki offerings.

Hollywood Studios to me has just one real quick service place worth going to, I would stay away from Pizza Planet at all costs. Backlot Express is solid and best option for quick service there at HS.

Magic Kingdom has alot of food options, best general place to me is Starlight Cafe, which is always packed. I would try to snag BoG Lunch if you can for your trip, its great if not that then even The Plaza. walk up to these places recently in MK has been bad and they always say sold out for the day. MK does have great side places to pickup something from a limited menu. The Pot Roast Mac and Cheese at Friars Nook is awesome! As is the Spicy Chicken Waffle from Sleepy Hollows, if you happen to catch Tortugas Tavern open behind Pecos Bills then you can get some good burritos but that place has an overflow schedule to it only and closes by 3pm when it is open.

Pot roast mac and cheese?! I wasn’t planning to visit MK, but I might have to go just to find out what that is!