Restaurant rebranding ADR strategy

I just saw a rumor from one of the usual rumor sources that the Wave might rebrand as an Incredibles character meal. Now, this article read like an April Fool’s joke so I’m not even going to link it here but you have probably already seen it if you’ve read your News Today. It doesn’t feel like one of the more credible rumors.

That being said, if it is true, then we HAVE to do this! Lol. Do I book a placeholder Wave reservation now? How did things go down when Artist Point rebranded into the character meal? Did existing reservations just become character meals? Or should I just keep my eye on the news and book if/when they actually announce this. Thanks!

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I am all over this if it happens!! Did they have a timeframe?

It said “within the year” which is about as vague as it gets but we aren’t going until the end of October so I have hope. I don’t know if they mean in the next 365 days or in 2019 or what though.

They can just call it the Happy Platter and it’s themed!

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I think Artist Point stopped taking reservations for a time. It went from 2 credits to 1 so it wasn’t a like for like change - though better going from 2 to 1 than 1 to 2 like BOG did when it turned into a signature - that also stopped taking reservations for a while before they announced it.

Thanks! I’ll just keep my eye out to see if the rumor gets any credibility. I can probably pick up the Wave anytime as of now anyway.

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If this happens I shall weep for days. :scream: The Wave is one of my favourite TS places.

I’d heard the rumour and hoped it was another of his wild fantasy stories that he’s been writing about of late.

I do like the Wave too! Was our fave before we became slaves to character meals.

That being said, this seems like one of the less credible rumors I’ve seen on that site!

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