Restaurant fireworks at magic kingdom in magic kingdom

Was curious to get your opinions on the best place to view the fireworks in Magic Kingdom park at Magic Kingdom. I can snag reservations at skipper’s canteen at 7:45 is that a good spot

The porch of the Crystal Palace is a great spot.

I haven’t yet been to Skipper Canteen. Does it have a porch for outside viewing? It looks to me like its windows face in the wrong direction.

Probably too many trees to watch the FW from much of anywhere in Adventureland.

The Plaza is also a good one to see, in fact you can see tink fly very well and they (the last time I went) allowed the whole party to go out to see this, good view of the fireworks. I will say that this was before some of the changes there.

The magic kingdom isn’t like Epcot, where there are Several restaurants around the lagoon from which you can watch illuminations. At MK, there really aren’t s lot of restaurants with a good view. Cp, plaza, outside caseys corner, that’s really it. And even there, you’re talking about only a handful of tables you can see from. If you’re trying to get a spot without waiting in the masses, try a dessert party or view from somewhere outside the park, like the poly or the ttc. If you want to eat and watch at the same time, maybe take a gamble on CP or ohana

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This will sound crazy, but the best restaurant fireworks viewing we’ve had is from Cinderella’s Royal Table. Yes, you miss a couple of elements, like Tinkerbell, but it was amazing to be higher up and basically in the middle of the action.

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