Rest times messing up TP?

I’m working on our TP’s for May. My first one was for MK on our arrival day so it started at 12:15 with our BOG lunch ressie. It also includes an out of park break at 6:00 for dinner at 1900 then back to the park until close. When I optimized it started our day AFTER dinner at 1900. When I take the break out it shows us getting everything we want on the first day complete by 5ish. I’ve double checked am/pm on my times, I don’t have any FPP in there yet as we’re still 14 days away from that. Is this just the most recent glitch or am I doing something wrong?

Sounds like you don’t gave enough attractions to fill a full day. It will give you a tp based in shortest wait times which is in the evening. Try using the Evaluate feature dropping and dragging rides into afternoon or evening slots

You’ll have to set the plan to public in order for us to look at it. However, it sounds like the only issue is that you don’t have enough built into your plan to fill up that amount of time. The plan will always place the rides at the lowest possible wait time. In your case it sounds like the attractions you’ve added will all have lower wait times, later in the evening, which is normal. And because it can fit all of them in between your break and closing time that is where it’s putting them. You can either change the times you’ll be in the park, add more attractions, or make two plans, one for afternoon and one for after dinner so that it limits the time you are giving it to put attractions in.

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I’d be happy to look at your plan. There’s a box you’ll have to check in the “edit plan” section that makes the plan public. We can’t see it when we click the link until you mark that box. Be careful though. When you open the “edit plan” section it will revert the start/end times bavk to default so you’ll hsve to reset them while you’re in there.

Theoretically, if the TP software is putting everything after dinner that’s because the attractions you’ve chosen can all be accomplished during those hours with shorter lines. For example, Pirates of the Caribbean will have a shorter line at midnight than at 3 pm. The afternoon is the busiest time of day, so it won’t put things into those hours until it runs out of better times. To use those afternoon hours tou’ll need to either 1) add more attractions or 2) shorten total hours for your plan.

I hope this makes sense! Just ask if you need more info.

I think @Outer1 and I were typing simultaneously. :slight_smile:

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