Rest Break Ideas/Places at Magic Kingdom & Epcot

I am curious if there are any hidden “rest break” places at Magic Kingdom & Epcot… Where if your child is over whelmed, you can go to calm down and take a break. I’m not talking about the nurseries or a place to nap, just like a little play ground or patch of shaded grass somewhere that’s a little calmer? Any ideas or suggestions.

I’m still relatively new at this (I’ve only made the inaugural trip), but one place I stumbled upon during the Food and Wine festival was the little garden to the right of the France pavilion. It isn’t air-conditioned, but just to get out of the crowds, I found it very helpful.

You may also want to take a look at this blog post ( , which gives you a number of suggestions for quiet places. Don’t forget to read the comments there for more suggestions.

Good luck!

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Totally love this article… Should have searches the TP site first! THank you!

In the Magic Kingdom, there are a few spots. Tom Sawyer Island is nice and quiet. Also, there are the little “side streets” off Main Street USA that are quite nice and peaceful. In Adventureland, there are tiki poles that often are misting water. It’s not quiet, but could be a good “release some steam” spot.

in EPCOT, the gardens behind the UK are lovely. Or you can spend a few minutes wandering through the gardens at Japan or China. Or spend some time admiring the trains in Germany.

Depending on the age of your kid, a wonderful place in Epcot is up by the jumping fountains next to Imagination. There’s benches to sit at, and plenty of open space for kids to run around.

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A nice list here.

I recently traveled with a friend and his autistic son, and had discovered that there are nice lists of break areas for people who get overwhelmed easily.

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What a great link!

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