Resorts with Murphy Bed?

Which aresorts have a Murphy bed? We don’t need one, but in June we spent one night at Poly villa and my daughter loved it. We didn’t love the Poly though. Thanks!

I want to say the new refurbished rooms in POP may now have Murphy beds. I gotta dig up an article to find out for sure

POR, and I think CBR rooms (not the Pirate Rooms) have them. Check with the Moderates and above. Pop’s Murphy beds are the second bed in the room, so if you’re looking for a third sleeping space it won’t cover it but if you just want a fun pull down bed it will.

The DVC villas (studios) that sleep 5 all have them: Beach Club, Boardwalk, Boulder Ridge, Poly and GF.

I think some rooms at POR have them.

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Oh wow, thanks! That’s great news! Yes there are 4 of us, so we do need bed, couch and Murphy. Well we don’t need the Murphy, she just wants one :slight_smile: