Resorts with bus wait times posted?

Hi guys! Can anyone help with a list of which resorts are testing the bus wait times boards? On old chat we had confirmation of:
Port Orleans - Riverside
Animal Kingdom - Kidani
Grand Floridian.

Are there others? Thanks!

Here is an example that was posted in chat:

Over July 4th, we had a "bus attendant" at BC who told folks about how long it would take a bus to arrive, but no screens like that. He also did great to provide information to people who were waiting.


I looked for this video board at CBR (July 26-Aug 5)
I did not see it at the bus stops for Martinique or Old Port Royal. I assume they were not at any other stop either.
I did notice that there was a bus attendant at Trinidad South every morning.

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We have had these guys around RD time at every resort we stayed at that had one stop (so value and most deluxe) its super helpful and nice to know when you are tying to make RD or an ADR that you have X time left for the bus to show up.

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December, 2013 we had a bus attendant at the Poly. Ditto helpful and friendly.

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