Resort Use prior to check in?

The last update on this topic was in 2014 so I just want to ensure that its still true… If our flight arrives mid morning and we arrive at our resort (ASMusic) around noon can we make use of the pool, etc, at the resort prior to our room being available? Is there somewhere for us to change? Just want to make sure before I book our flights!

Many Thanks!

You can definitely use the resort facilities. Just check in and leave luggage with bell services.

Not sure specifically about changing at ASMu.

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There is a restroom/locker room available near the feature pool at all resorts; some require the use of your magic band to access - which will work for the resort you’re staying at even if you don’t have a room already. At ASMus it’s between Melody Hall (check-in) and Building 1.

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Thank you !