Resort Suggestions

What are your thought/suggestions on a resort that would be good for my 72 year old Mom? We are planning on booking our next trip for December 2017 and are inviting my parents along. My mom has some mobility issues and poor eyesight. They probably won’t be going to the parks much, if at all, though I’m going to encourage them to check out Epcot and the World Showcase. I was thinking that getting standard, adjoining rooms at the Poly would be a good choice. There are lots of restaurant options and fairly easy access to transportation. As a bonus we can watch Wishes and the Electrical Water Pageant from the beach. We just returned from CBR which was nice, but I can’t see her handling the buses very well. I thought Beach Club might be another good option…thoughts? TIA

If you’re going to take her to Epcot, then BC is a great choice! If she’s going to be using a wheelchair or scooter, it will be easy to get there without having to get in a vehicle. Technically, you’d be able to get to MK via monorail via Epcot too. As you probably know CMs are incredibly accommodating of guests. People with mobility issues are no exception.

Good luck and have fun!

As a possible “value play” Swan/Dolphin in the Epcot area. They are both just past the Boardwalk outside of the International Gateway of Epcot. A lot of ppl call them deluxe feel with a moderate price. 10 minute easy, clear, walking path to Epcot, 15 to Hollywood.

For any resort, call the resort and let them know about your mom’s issues and they’ll try to give you a room that may make it easier.
Our best experience with mobility issues was a family suite at AoA - we ended up first floor, very close to Animation Hall and the pool and bus stops, never had to walk much. We haven’t stayed at POFQ, but looks to be similar - easy to get a room very close to lobby, pool and buses.
I love WL, which is fairly compact, but can still be a bit of a hike around because buses, boat dock, pool, restaurants, lobby all quite spread out.
YC/BC you may get a room close to the lobby but it’s a bit of a trek to the pool, if mobility a major issue.
I don’t know anything about Poly, but I bet it would be lovely with all the recent work done.

If you feel your mom is going to spend most of her time in Epcot or WS, YC,BC, BW. Less hassle getting to those parks.