Resort room maps (not layouts of the rooms themselves!)

I’m curious if there is some place that provides a kind of map as to the layout of the room placements. That is, for example, where in any given resort you might find a studio versus a 1-bedroom versus a 2-bedroom, etc. Plus, which rooms are standard, versus premium views, etc.

What I’ve found are maps that show room number “banks” and whether a section is DVC or not.

So, for example, when we plan to get a 1-bedroom villa (Standard view) in Boardwalk Villas DVC rental. But where, exactly, would such rooms be located? Not only am I interested as far as room requests go, but just as much about understanding location/walking distances/etc.

I have never heard that some at the DVC properties are ALWAYS cash and some are ALWAYS points. I thought the cash reservations just filled in around the points ones.

Ah. I see. I thought this was just showing which building(s) had those kind of rooms. DIdn’t realize you could actually click on the building to see the actual rooms themselves in that building!


I’m noticing some weird results, but it is definitely useful and what I was looking for.

The room pictures can be suspect. For example, while looking at the room views for the Bay Lake Tower, one of the rooms that is a Magic Kingdom View shows an image taken from a room that is, instead, a view of the lake/pool, which is on the complete opposite side of the building.

Anyhow, thanks again, @lizzieanne771! (Well, I suppose I should also be thanking Touring Plans as well, since it is their handy-dandy tool!)

Yeah, it’s not 100% perfect. But it’s better than nothing.