Resort Reservations

I need advice…currently have 4 nights at POR booked on Nov. 28th. I was just given details about the free dining that is expected to probably come out tomorrow and after doing some math the husband and I decided we’d like to modify our POR to WL and roll the dice that we’d be able to get free dining because the cost difference from what we’re paying now vs. what it’d be at WL with free dining is nominal, and it looks like POR will be restricted from free dining on our dates anyway. The only glitch at the moment…our T/A is out of town today for her birthday. She booked this for us so I cannot call Disney directly and modify myself, nor can I do it online. I texted my T/A and will see when she gets back w/ me but if this allegedly does come out tomorrow, I want to have the correct/qualifying reservation in place to try and snag the promo. Anyone have a suggestion? Should I call Disney and make my own separate res for WL on my own so it’s there…and if she comes through I can always cancel this one?! I’m freaking out lol.

Your TA will probably be available for the roll out tomorrow. Text her or email her and ask her specifically if she’ll be back so that it will help ease your mind. I’m pretty sure ALL the TA’s out there know of the rumor and are planning their day around the release.

ETA: no need to freak out and booking WL now won’t guarantee that you’ll get the promo tomorrow since the rooms are pulled from different pools of availability.

My advice is to contact your TA, let her know you need to hear back from her even if it’s midnight, that she’s on top of it.

Like I said, more likely than not, you are on the radar. Letting her know your plans for WL will also be helpful to know ahead of time anyway.


Thanks! I know she’s definitely aware of the rumors. My only concern is last we spoke we talked about the exclusions and we were both aware of how POR was excluded on our dates…therefore nothing to do to our existing reservation. I did send her a quick text letting her know we’d like to switch to WL and hoping she at least sees/acknolwedges that so I know she is aware we would like to switch therefore eligible for the promo if it comes out. Fingers crossed! I’ve done it all myself five years prior to this so it’s weird for me to depend on someone else!


Letting her know your alternatives ahead of time is SUPER helpful. You’ve done well. I’m sure she’ll do great by you!