Resort recommendation for 4 adults and 1 child

I just can not decide which resort to stay at for our next trip. I’ve never gone with this many people before but I know our choices are a bit more limited. Eliminating the super expensive deluxe suites what would be your top choices and why?

One of the mods that asleep five, por or cbr, or maybe a value suite.

I know what the options are, I just can’t decide between them. Every time I decide on one, I end up looking at it again and deciding on a different one lol

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Well if you can swing a suite at AoA that gives you two bathrooms which would be great with for adults.

Por is very pretty and has both a good food court and table service restaurant.

CBR is also pretty but spread out and not all rooms are refurbished to fit five, but has a great pool.

Have you looked at renting points?

I’m a Disneyland CM so I get a pretty nice discount from that, which is good cause I couldn’t afford to go otherwise lol.

How are the buses for AoA? I stayed at an all - star once and waiting for the buses there was sometimes super ridiculous. It’s a big part of why I am hesitant to stay there.

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We didn’t have any issues with the buses at AoA. We stayed there in the fall of 2013 in a Cars Suite and thought it was very comfortable. How cool that you’re a DL CM!

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I know the suites are closer to the bus stop there too. It’s just so hard to determine how big the resorts are to decide how bad of a walk it is lol

Yeah, it’s good most of the time. The discounts are definitely nice lol


We loved AOA and didn’t ha a problem with the buses at all. We were in the little mermaid rooms too but didn’t find the walk to be bad. If the suites are in the budget that’s what I wou pick.

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AoA doesn’t share buses and the reviews are generally positive. Plus If you wait too long you can always get on a pop bus. It’s right across the bridge.

I keep reading that it’s right across the bridge, but wouldn’t I then have to walk all the way across Pop? I assume it’s pretty large and I will have an 8 year old who often whines about having to walk across my small apartment complex. Lol

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We stayed at AoA for a few days in January. We needed to wait for 3 sets of double buses to be filled before we got on one coming back from Magic Kingdom. It didn’t seem possible that they could all be staying at AoA…but they were. So,the issue isn’t really waiting for buses to leave AoA. It’s the buses back at the end of the day. And, that’s when you’re least wanting to wait for a bus.
POP is across the lake, but that would be a hike simply to catch a bus. After you cross the bridge, you end up near building 6 and then you have to walk to the food court and out the other side to the bus depot. There’s no way that would be faster than waiting for the bus at AoA.
So, now for the helpful part… Look into renting points for a 1 bedroom DVC. It’ll be worth it assuming you’re splitting the cost between 4 adults.