Resort Rate Discounts

I’ve booked a stay starting the first weekend in October. There were no discounts at the time. Is ti worth checking back after i’ve already booked? Or am I locked in regardless at this point?

Did you check with MVT? And yes it is worth it to keep checking back as new discounts might be able to be applied

If your reservation is room only, you can make changes and price adjustments (cancel and rebook) as often as you want until you get there.

If you booked a package, it’s more difficult but I believe you can still do it.

It’s probably worth checking into and if there is one available and room availability, you should be able to switch. (I may be wrong, but I believe its like cancelling and creating a new reservation instead of applying a discount to your current reservation). However, double check and don’t assume because it’s labeled as a discount that its the best deal. Depending on when you booked, you may be better off keeping what you already have booked. I booked for October 2017 in late 2016. When the room discount was announced, I checked and it would’ve been MORE expensive for me to use the room discount than to keep what I had because of room rate increases that apparently happened between the time I booked and the discount was released.

With packages it’s still perfectly doable until 30 days before arrival, because what they do is just cancel the original reservation and book a new one. Within 30 days of arrival, however, you have to pay a fee to cancel so that’s where it gets dicey. They may still allow it, but it would take some magic.

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